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This at barracuda dot com. Barracuda your journey secured. Liberty Mutual insurance presents. Doug name. Oh, there's a woman frightening to sign up for generic car insurance. Grab your bird seed. These papers right here right now, ma'am, drop the pin. Liberty Mutual customize your car insurance. So you only pay for what you need. Thanks lima. Moondog don't think us think Liberty Mutual but also think us. The only pay for what you need at Liberty Mutual dot com. Underwritten by Liberty Mutual insurance company affiliates. Equal housing insurer state laws apply wanna to get healthy you wanna feel better. But you don't wanna take pills or just drink the shake over and over again or Jek hormones because why would you then the health dare is what you seek implementing changes in your lifestyle. That are easy to adapt to and showing big results a type two diabetes symptoms reduced. You've got more energy. You're looking great. And no, Jim Nikki and Maggie valley to this program in a wheelchair and low sixty pounds. So if you're ready to learn more about the healthier and take advantage of the buy one get one half off. So you and a friend or you wanna spouse can do it. Call eight seven seven I dare me or log onto I dare Raleigh dot com. Troops in their families the military's more than it's a journey and every step along the way US those inexperienced that that soldier. Never forget. That's what the USO from the time joint to the time. They transition out of the military. The USO is offering programs and support along the way it's way more than a free phone call for us is that option to stay mom, and the USO makes it almost. Learn more today at USO dot org. Thank your money. Game is wrong on top of it. For twenty one years old killed these here to get it dialed in for you have an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. Dave Ramsey tomorrow at six on one. Oh, six.

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