A highlight from How to Manufacture Creativity at Will w/Nir Bashan


How you doing. I'm very good. Yeah this is going to be fun. I'm glad to be here. I think we can give your audience and actionable tool that they can use right now. That's what i'm excited about. Awesome awesome so great so before we dive in. Please tell us first of all who. You are personally in professionally. Yes sir. I am a west ham united fan. I have been my whole life Go irons number. One in the league. i am a carfection. Does well love love. Automobiles perhaps embarrassingly too much and I was born in israel in raising in the united states. Have been in the us for for thirty nine years and started my first business when nine years old going door to door washing cards in los angeles i'd wash you know. Somebody's brand new pontiac. Six thousand world. They were like this this car. The pontiac six thousand like oh. Can i wash your car. Go knocking door to door. And i'm looking at where we started from. You'll love of cars. i think so. Yeah i will never be able to afford a pontiac right or an eighty three ford taurus. The heat for taurus wild. Yeah i learned. You know how to be creative because you know we weren't doing a lot of car washes people would ask me to take out the trash and stuff who's gonna give their keys to their precious. You know ford fiesta. To a to a nine year old. So i learned how to get creative and it's been with me my whole life awesome awesome. So what is your current products that you're working on at the moment so we just released the book. it's called the creator mindset and it's been doing very very well i'm very happy. We just got nominated one of the top forty. Been this books of the year By porch light. So that's a really cool thing and we're just i'm trying to get stuff out there so that people realize that there's another way to look at businesses and problems other than just looking at things from the analytics and our school in our society everywhere around the world is set up to drive analytics analytics analytics number spreadsheet right sort of thing but there's a different way in there's a better way to look at things in combined analytics and the creativity together in order to reach new levels of success in that. That's what i've been working on lately. Been out for about three months now. Cool husselmann yeah So one last christmas before we dive in is this. What is your daily routine daily routine. So i got a spent about half my time on a content in half my time in the sale. Five blind on the content pipeline. I'm in tons of interviews. And you know podcasts radio.

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