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Now you can look down the list. You can go. All right. But what's that mean? Josh Lambo is second on that list, Will Lutz his third on that list? Dan Bailey Bailey? Is fourth on that list. Chris Boswell, Robbie Gould. Seventh on the all time list. Percentagewise percentagewise Stephen Gostkowski. Kai Forbath is in there. Mike Vander Jack. That's the list there yesterday unless they're enamored with some other kicker out there. How could you cut him after one week, given his background for whatever's going on? It's just one game. They ended up winning and you could wink at that. And just, you know, he's got to get past it, I think is a background with the Patriots and what he's accomplished up until now. You can't cut him after one week. No, But if he misses that kick last night, one and one was blocked. I believe of those four misses one. Someone got a piece of. I just wonder if he missed that kick last night. Is he still employed today? Yes, McLane. I was just saying. The guy's like you want to get Justin Tucker but isn't he's such a freak that there's only one of him, but I can't think of another kicker in that realm. No, no, there's nobody like that. I always love Sebastian Janikowski. I thought, you know when they drafted him in the first round of people said You'd taken a kick if you could draft if I said you could go back. And you can get Justin Tucker. He's going to cost you a first round draft pick how many G m's air taking Justin Tucker? Everybody. Because that's the whole of Famer. And you can trust him. Yes. Make love any other kicker Hall of Famers Viteri. Obviously, everyone says last night they labeled Laskowski a potential Hall of Famer and required gotta little ridicule for that. I don't think Stephen Gostkowski's Hall of Fame has a lot of rings and stuff, but I don't know where, like if you're going to make it as as a kicker. I mean, you have to have 2000 career points doesn't feel like that. You've got to be You have to have won some big games. I'm guessing I don't know what the criteria is. When we look at a kicker and you go Boy Hall of Famer like Justin Tucker, you go home of Famer, then Cherry go hold of Famer. Morten Andersen just got in. As the Hall of Fame, but he had so many points and then the all time leading score. In NFL history. Who else did you have in there? Pete? Go. Black Sea Hall of Famer young scanner Rude instead of rude. Yes, you know, like it's tough to get in there as a kicker. I don't know. And Gostkowski is not even the best kicker in franchise history with planetary guys has his 12th all time in points. 1700. Upon you mentioned the Raiders taking Janikowski in the first round years ago. He they got crushed for that If you go back to 1973, they took Ray guy, the punter and also in the first round 23rd overall pick. Imagine if someone in this current NFL state you're watching the draft, and they took a punter The 23rd pick. Even if that guy went to the Hall of Fame, they be crushed and rig I went to the Hall of Fame. Yes. The club Roberto Aguayo with the box second round pick back around. Pick that's been the most lame bastard didn't make it. He choked, you know, you know, but I, You know, God's Kowski. He's on the all time list, but Aside from Justin Tucker on that all time list. Those aren't all time greats on their lot of indoor kickers. Obviously, you know, Brian, but they you know they they've perfected. Kicking Now. That's why you get thes high percentages here. And if you're gonna kick in optimal conditions that certainly helps his well club. What are you guys still down with a long extra point? No, I'm I'm fine with their a few missed on Sunday a taste. It's interesting. I mean, we taken away the kickoff. And I'm fine with the extra point. I don't want to change too many things. It just feels like a weight got to change things up. Things are boring. We need more scoring. Yeah, I think it is the Chargers game the other day. I think they may have a policy of not returning to kick twice. Their kick returner got the ball. One yard deep. I mean, at the almost at the end line reuse barely in the end zone. Each has said he put his hand up. One of them went over his head and just bounced a foot behind him, and he put his hand up like for a fair catch. It's like they decided not to bother with the play will settle on a poll question here. Fill in Indiana. Good to have you back, Phil, What's on your mind? Hey, Dan. Always a pleasure body real quick in the not too early category here for hypotheticals. If you're the Jets or giants and you end up with the number one pick In the draft. You go ahead and take Lawrence. You deal and I just want to get your thoughts. I mean, not too early category. I don't think the Giants would take Trevor Laurence. They trade the pick. But I don't know about the Jets feels like the Jets. I feel like Sam Darnold is gonna have a career after he leaves the Jets like it just feels that way. That you're you know, he has to go to the line of scrimmage and go. Who? Who.

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