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For the Packers helps restore the franchise. The prominence, they read it. Do you know? I'm sorry? No the Falcons picked with that first round pick. That's amazing. They got a first round pick for bread farm. They did. That is good job. That is a good job at that time. I mean that. If we were doing sports talk radio in that trade you be going. You gave up a first round pick for this guy. What about first drop down? He becomes the whole remember that that time we didn't know, you know? Yeah s Oh, yeah. He takes the Packers to Super Bowls, winning one, of course, the one in Super Bowl 31 against Bill Parcells and the New England Patriots. I know a lot of people with the football trades they bring up the Herschel Walker one. Just but you know again, the Vikings brought him in. That was supposed to be like the missing piece to the puzzle that was supposed to deliver them a championship. And, of course, it didn't work out. I think he was over there for like, three years in Minnesota didn't even have 1000 yard rushing season. It worked out for the Cowboys because again, they got a bunch of draft picks, and they wound up using those pics to help them build a court of this championship teams. But again, Obviously the trade was made for the Vikings to try toe. Win the Super Bowl and did not work out for them. So I went with far just because of what he was able to do there for the Packers. That ones that number five my basketball one number four. We're going all the way back now and now she took him. Marco Bloody. He didn't know this. Back to 1956 Bill Russell, the great Bill Russell. He didn't realize that Russell was actually traded to the Celtics. So the same realized Russell was traded to the Celtics and the ST Louis Hawks had the number two pick in the draft. They could not afford to pay him. So they were on the trading him to the Boston Celtics. And then what wound up happening? Boston wins 11 of the next 13 NBA championships, and Bill Russell becomes one of the greatest.

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