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Strange arrivals on the iheartradio APP on Apple, podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello the Internet and welcome to this episode of Trendier, Benders or Thursday afternoon I'm Jackie O'Brien. That's miles gray miles. How you doing man? Oh, just fucking brushing infra! Attrition and I'm always looking out my window because everybody like it's raining and everyone's. saw this activity. People should be in their outs. I'm an old man. Yeah, I instinctively distrust anybody I see Dr Have I'm like the fuck. You think you're going. What are you? You gotta go so important. It's this is our our minds become. They're starting to do new things as we stay indoors but yeah, the trends are inevitably Mo-, a lot to do with corona virus, and other historical events of seven, one thousand nine. Hundred Ninety Nine New Yorkers that's how many people died in New, York today, and the debt that still. I think the highest number of people that have died in the city in a day three dozen row that it was the all time high right. But Yeah I think the the slight bit of Good News App your point to his that they feel like. If we continue to really keep the social distancing up and as serious as we have been like, we can truly have an impact on what the final death toll is, but still yeah. The hospital admissions or at a two week low, so that's great I think the deaths are lagging the hospital admissions by a couple of weeks which makes sense, and so they're hoping that low hospital admissions or signed that. We're GONNA. See people dying going down, but you know that's one city and people I know who are doctors in? California are saying that they think the wave is coming out in California fairly soon so. Let's talk about Robert e Lee Why is he trying to confederate surrender day? Who'd a thought? This is the day. Yeah is the day that they gave up yet. When they gave up the their business practices because there's a disagreed may suspended their campaign. They suspended their campaigns, and they were gonNA. Get a rise again like I remember when John Kelly the former chief of staff, which I think was about seventeen years ago when he was. You know longing for the days of the antebellum south. We will hear from a lot of different. Xijiang people about like how? The. Education was around slavery and the Civil War but yeah, so this is that day were in the South Yeah. Word, the confederates surrendered so there's that end end of end of that. Yeah, FUCK! That guy fuck the confederate. Wow, we can ma-. Maybe we can add that very brave might even add abrahams take lists, yeah. Glad you co host to show such a brave yeah, vigil man of integrity. You know I don't care man. It might be unpopular. Say It, but I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Get Con might have been a little bit more violent than we realize everyone just. He was rough. He was rough. Rough with people. He's rough around thousand Kapernick is trending yeah? Too much rough housing for that guy needed to stop horsing around off their anyways. Who are sitting around? You know because they were ill by. War Joe, capper Nick is trending because of fake twitter account. The went viral with a tweet saying it signed with the jets jets. Fans wish that he would sign with them. I'm guessing they haven't really had a lot of success at the quarterback position. Although I guess they have a rookie now is not too bad, but. He would be better than their backup. I'll take your word for it, yeah. Mark Sanchez. That's the last jets quarterback. I remember. Yeah, man, you really up on that How many how many quarterback has it been since Sanchez Oh my God like prayed. Five. was living over a decade ago. Probably. I don't even know van. Was a while ago. I'm just so yeah. I'm in and out with NFL man. That's that's like you can see the last time I knew. Why went to high school with Nick Folk? Who was a kicker there oh. Yes, so that was actually I think the last time because I think mark. Sanchez probably the quarterback when nick folk was kicking there. Yeah, I'm not going to be totally off anyway. What's he up to? I don't know man sparrow is trending so as anti ns because somebody put up a challenge to people on twitter. He said Ryan Que Smith me. We free tweeted. You're in the mall and need a quick bite. Getting up anti, Ann's Panda Express Cinnabon or sparrow. I mean I would go spiro persinger. That's who I it all depends. I think this is a fascinating to bitch FA fascinating prompt, and it shows you how board we are and longing for the days of old where we were in shopping malls courts for me. It just walking around I haven't actually asking stranger when I look at this these options I feel like I'm in high school again because my mall had mostly didn't have on hands, but I would hit up. I never heard of cinnabon because it was too sweet and I was A. Teenage boy, who it as much food as for as little money as trying to get diabetes today I actually. I didn't like Sabar that much because I thought. The pizza wasn't as good so I ate a lot of Panda Express, but I love audience. Yeah I do too I. Really like on tunes or Indians any as because now the mob word that I used to go to high school. It's a wetzel pretzels and you know they. They have nice variety, but I feel like they're doing a little too much any ends they that any NFL. John Deere Classic One. Not the Parmesan one for me who you get a Little Cup. A Notch only Parmesan. Fuck Man, the classic, though where it's just like it's mostly butter with a little bit of Pretzel next and then like Saint. They got a little.

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