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The Permian Basin is an abundant oil and gas producing area already one of the world's leading oil producing regions the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year. Twenty twenty three but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story. This is permian perspective. I'm your host Krista s skinny today show is sponsored by Baker Hughes recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes brand as an energy technology company they strive to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Hello everyone welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. I really appreciate you spending this time with us. I sure do love spending time with all of you. We have special edition for you today and I just want to say that I hope and pray that you were doing well during these challenging times I know we are still deep in the heart of a pandemic and a financial uproar as we should call it here in the Permian Basin and just hope that you and your family are doing well. I WanNa thank those of you. Who have shared our podcast with loved. Ones either through text email or facebook a special. Thank you to Amanda Frye. Who left this kind review on facebook? She said she absolutely enjoyed this episode. Very informative thank you and also for these kind words from Tina Brown. She said very informative and refreshing to have a professional be completely candid greatly appreciated. Thank you Krista for this interview will thank you so much. Tina and Amanda for those kind words. I really really appreciate those words and that you're enjoying the podcast. That's what it's all about. You can leave a review on itunes or on facebook instagram or Lincoln. All you have to follow me at Krista as skin MIA so I want to catch you up on some important news that impacts your life here locally in the basin today is July six twenty twenty the total number of krona virus cases in Midland County now stands at eight hundred eighty six confirmed cases quite a bit from the last time that we talked about the case. Numbers Sixteen patients have died and two hundred and forty nine are recovered. Those are in Midland county actor. County has lost eleven patients to covid nineteen. They have one thousand three hundred and ninety two total cases. Five hundred twenty two recovered. An Andrew has one hundred and three confirmed cases. Thirty-six recovered and one patient has died in the state of Texas. There are one hundred and ninety five thousand positive cases and two thousand six hundred and thirty seven deaths today we are celebrating our fifty second episode of Permian Perspective and in that past year we have seen WTI trade as high as sixty two and as low as well. You know you're the day we can never forget the negative numbers that's right at recording time West. Texas intermediate is trading at forty dollars and sixty one cents a barrel. That's according to Bloomberg. Now the rig count is currently at two hundred sixty three. We'd like to thank Baker Hughes for those numbers and these are actually down the last If we if we look back at your date R- actually down seven hundred rigs from that date over the past year we've heard stories from oil and gas legends on the ups and downs of the oil and gas business. And now we've all lived those downs like we never thought we would do to the pandemic best part of continuing to share stories interview. People on premium perspective is the optimism from those who are sharing stories with me and I really truly feel like we are all learning together. I love hearing what they're reading. What podcast they listened to what works in leadership roles and that definitely one of the things that I really have taken away from the past year. Their honesty wisdom and advice has made me grow as an interviewer. But I'm also listening to and I listen back and I learn something every single time so I just want to thank all of the wonderful guest that I've had the honor to interview here on Permian perspective. I know when I got into journalism over twenty three. I guess it has been over twenty three years ago that my goal was to inform people with information that would help in their day to day. Life I also wanted to inspire people to live their best life whether it was telling them about a new vitamin that lowered their cholesterol or school. Closings on a snow day or maybe a story about a neighbor making our community better stories that impact people was always the goal over the past fifty two weeks. I've had the opportunity to visit with so many local guests that represent the Permian Basin. We've listened to Permian official state officials like the Railroad Commissioner. Some of the most influential women like Jimmy Butler with Baker Hughes and the use of three s Laura Wolf with base and PBS. And through it. All we've learned one common denominator makes the Permian Basin. Can you guess what it is? That's right you got it. It's the people I look forward to continue sharing the stories of oil and gas leaders of the Permian Basin. And if there's a story you'd love to hear from a leader please let me know who it is. I will reach out and we will sit down and interview them. Whether that's here in person at my store rig idea work where then caster? We've been doing a lot of interviews through the internet which has been so wonderful that we've continued to be able to share stories during this time. So Lemme he'd love to hear from. I'd also like to thank each and every one of you for listening. I know that we wouldn't have a podcast without listeners. And I love running into the grocery store or at the bank or now just driving by in the neighborhood or walking in the neighborhood and hearing that you listened to one of the podcast truly made a difference in your life. That's what I hope comes out of premium perspective and I appreciate when you do. Share that with me so thank you. Let's keep on making the permian great together all right last episode. I'll let you know about a fantastic tradition called movies in the park that they were going ahead with and they were going to have will. Unfortunately the city of Midland House postponed its series due to concerns over covid nineteen according to the press release. The decision was made following governor. Greg Abbott's recent order restricting gatherings of more than ten people so it's time now to announce this week's community. Mvp and we have three local organizations sharing that title we have based on PBS Midland Community Theatre and the Museum of the South West. Now all three of these entities have had to make difficult decisions cancel their largest fundraising events. Main Street live summer. Mummers and September fest. Now they do plan to bring them back next year. They really could use your support. You may have even seen the letter in the Midland reporter telegram recently asking for support an absence of these fantastic community events that we all look forward to in if you've been in the Bison you've been to summer members it is something you will never forget September fest another fantastic local community event that I look forward to every year and of course recently main street live which just kicked off last year and it had to be cancelled so if you would like to support the arts that need our help now more than ever. Here's how you can do it. You can become a member renew or increase your membership level or make a gift to replace the losses from these cancelled events. You can go to the following websites or you can reach out to these amazing leaders at the following. So I we have. Daniel Eck the executive director of the Museum of southwest. You can go to museum. S W dot Org.

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