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I look at you know that tournament. I look at the past couple of slams. I remember twenty nineteen. I think there was like nineteen different winters. The first nineteen twenty minutes of the of the year. And i i remember thinking like any girka win and every week you know what i mean so when you look at somebody that didn't even get into a once twenty two weeks before the open. Ooh got into columbia. Had to give her a while car right then. She played quite an open ends up. Win the whole thing. Do you now just back into plan. Do you feel like when you decide to come back. Did you look at tennison like if they could win win. What was the thought not really. It was more for me. It was an internal kinda thought like an internal motivation and a challenge for myself. I think where i was like. I wonder if i can still compete and And i felt that would little triggers throughout new. I ahead with different players Kinda felt good but then you know it's just a practice. It's not a full on tournament. Have to sit around after. Get stronger in after. You know my reactions my eyesight. Everything just needs to come back. And and that's been the challenge. And that's why like love listening. And watching andy murray you know. Go through his..

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