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100, Triple two and number. Kate Rafi, president of the Velvet Football Club, to be the first female president of the oldest football club in the world, and in fact the oldest sporting club in the world, You know, it's such a massive honor. Virginia tree, Ali, Are you in trouble? Now, Someone takes us saying Melvin's the oldest competitive team in the world, all this professional taming the strongest in the world and I am going world these antics. Milburn haven't Bean Competitive for years. Virginia Tree Ali weekday mornings from 8 30 on ABC Radio Milburn, There must be one of these AP systems in cute and Victoria because apparently the APP is great when the system commenced, however, When changes were mined the collection. It's not updated. We were two days ahead of the holidays were shot muzzle. Is in it. Mm hmm. Sure. Must love this text. Hi, Trev. I deliberately put out the wrong beans just to see how many paper will follow my lead. I will switch them over later. At the last minute says all night up the ride. So be careful of all might up the road. Be very careful of old made up the road like bug. My good book. Um, you were just humming can see. Shall we just got the standard trading? But I know that the last Charlie, you know, I mention it. It's dumped all the yellow being all the recycling stuff in the landfill anyway. So even when the Been kind out. It just went into the landfill with the red stuff. I think that that had a lot of people concerned because we heard so many stories about that happening. I'm pretty sure enough noticed that that's changed a lot now now that they're able to sort of better And, um, have the glass of writer from the plastics. And now that we do it better that there's a lot less of that happening. There's a really good solution. I saw a film for a Scottish following In Scotland who was in India he saw The Indian people putting plastic balls in the potholes and lighting with Hazel. So those bottles of milk and fill the potholes in the road, so he went back to Scotland and put together a politicizing. Ashamed telling ties is Every kind of rubbish plastic, no matter how poor standards, and now they had that to the road base over this And I get rides beautiful, smooth roads with no potholes because of the long chain polymer in the plastic added to the bitumen. Creates these beautiful roads. I think that that's starting to happen around the world and in Australia. We did a thing on plastic recycling not long ago, and that was one of the things that we spoke about. Yeah, that's great, Great way to get rid of all the older, real low grade rubbish plastic. Another mind just put into the rise and my good roads down a foot off and everybody's happy in the world, and that's what we need. I am in cancer, but we put the grain bin out every week and all tonight with the red and the yellow. They take a photo as they empty you've been And if you put the wrong stuff, you get a warning letter stuck to have been And the next defenses followed with a fun. Fair enough. Do you recycle? Do it properly And then we're all happy overnight this week on the Friday review allies sniffing it.

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