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Keep it private, Private family time will keep it right here. But I agree 100% with you Got what you guys just said about Justin Turner and the fact that him and his wife, Courtney, Came on the field last night after the initial celebration and took pictures with the trophy and two C one Pedro Baez and Kenley Jansen to Dodger pitchers who have already had cove in 19 come over and hug him. When he came on the field was great. But then to see Clayton Kershaw, who hasn't had Govind 19 year, we know go over and hug his friend and then to see Andrew Freeman, the president of baseball operations, go over and hug him and his wife, Courtney, and it's just It's a celebration. And so we don't need to know, but we'll start tracing about where he's been around who has been next to he's been with all of them all those guys in the clubhouse in the bathroom in the shower in the bus during the Vatican picture they took of the end with the trophy That's contact tracing every one of those guys. As in that picture was around Justin Turner. If they want any that were there for months. Yeah, they were all together on a bus coming over in the gun confines of a bus and what are the chances? It's a false positive, too. That's the other thing. I don't know what's going to false positive, but even if he's got chronic liars So what? At this point, so what They need to take him out of the game last night, and he didn't need to make it public now as the Dodgers are on the field, celebrating Shame on Major League baseball totally for the commissioner. It's an absolute joke for doing what what? Why? Why tell everyone Why make it public? There's no good reason. No, there is no The only reason is major league baseball gets to say, Look at how seriously we take this. We're going to yank a player in the middle of the World Series. There's a lot of conspiracy theorist out there this morning. All ridiculous. First off, people are saying Well, they waited till after they got the lead to take him out. No nonsense. There's other conspiracies, saying the Rob Manfred did it on purpose to Justin Terror because Justin Turner spoke out against Rob Manford back when this whole thing was happening by springtime in the trophy and the 2017 Astros and college just a piece of metal that they wanted 2017. None of that is true, okay? He tested positive for it. It took him out of the game, but the way they handle it was completely wrong and what they did to Justin Turner afterwards. People in the media people idea, shaming Justin Turner, ESPN, among them ridiculous for shame on all of them for doing that, to Justin Turner. It's not like all of a sudden these Dodger players and their wives and their families. Oh, no, Justin's got. He's the boogie man walking around. He's got the crow device. They've been around the guy the barbecue the day before at the team hotel, the families On buses in the bathroom on the veal. They've been around this guy. It's also irresponsible because it's totally cove. It's shaming. It's like it's like he's like you said the Boogeyman. And what does that do for people who now are going to? Like what? I don't want to be the Boogey man. I don't want to get tested. I'll just I'll just stay home. I'm feeling symptoms. But I don't want people to treat me like that. I mean, which is so irresponsible in away from the fact that they wanted Championship. They won it in a shortened 60 game season, which already has its own enough asterisk in question marks around it yet, but the fact that they did it in a bubble in a neutral site and a place there at for almost a month and had to do an extra playoff round against the Milwaukee Brewers to do it in front of no fans for 60 games, toe actually maneuver through a pandemic, what other sports were trying to do? A bubble on Ly lengthy MBA in the NFL hadn't even started yet. In August. Baseball is the first team Deunan bubble plain and traveling to different cities. Good for them. They figured it out in the Dodger's maneuver through this whole thing totally and Justin Turner, by the way. This guy has helped the city of lost a good do and what he's done for veteran. Absolutely all of it like you couldn't beat up on a better do no eso for people in the media to be shaming him. And his shame his wife or what? They were doing. Shame on them in the meeting. Absolutely Part of it's that science shaming right now, Tim Cates and I are going to go set the city on fire. You want it, But I think your chance was last night. I want to go get a tree on fire. I just saw responsible people protest in last night and well, I don't know what you were talking about. You called a celebration. I call it a protest. You know, Barbara Fire will call whatever she wants, Right? Well, political talk. Did I tell you that? I'm okay. Dressing up as Barbara for air for Halloween? It seems to be a trend. I know a couple of people here. Really? I already have the wig. I know a lot of masks that have been made to about it. Oh, really? Yeah. But I start celebrated values Champion 110 days until pitchers and catchers report. You nailed it, by the way with Corey Seager. I don't think it was a difficult choice. But Cory secrecy MVP. I stopped eating two weeks ago to prepare a lie because you've been telling Morgan tonight what you eat every night. I was just making the Barbara Ferrer anorexia joke. Did you see the Tahoe that Corey Seager one last? Yes. And it was nice that he was a nice plug Tio Chevy for him to go. Oh, yeah. My wife said she wanted one for our anniversary anyway. Yeah, the wedding gift about this number for you guys. 16. What that represent the amount of days between the Lakers and the Dodgers winning championships in this insane insane. The previous record in baseball was the New York Yankees. I think I think I saw this. It was 63 days. Maybe it was a different time, but was 63 things was the previous record. Well, things are different now. 16 days, and 1988 was the last time they did it, and the Lakers won that year, too. That's right. That's right. 19. How old were you in 1988? I was a force..

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