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Uh, when when you're thinking about families, and here's where a problem is arisen here in the city is that there has been Ah, a lot of chatter about all of these families that said, we didn't get to go spring break. We waited till summer were taken off and everyone's going to Florida and coming back in Alabama and coming back. And they're saying that part of the younger numbers that are exploding are because of that travel Eso. Now let's say Well, okay, let's be a family. We've got to get away out of this town and do something as a family. Let's go north. Well, where you going to go? Because Chicago is like number one spot for Louisville folks to think what's go north. You're not going to Indy. Alright, you what's wrong with Indian? No Indies? Fine, but we've been the Indy four million times. I mean, it's just the great museums. They got kids museums because we're so good at basketball. We get to go all the time. I mean, you know S so you're not going to go to Indy. You're gonna go to Chicago and now you You can't go to Chicago. Nothing's open, meanest. It's there's no ball games. There's no museums, which is really cool. Chicago There's nothing to dio. And I think we're getting pretty close Tony to not having football at all. Officially, until at least the first of next year. You'll think I mean, I don't know. I keep making fun of these people are going. It's gonna happen. I talked somebody yesterday, So I was on a call with the CEO TV and they're going to be doing it and I was like, really, What was the What was the plan? Will there really determined? Well, that's not a plan. That's the optimist Club. That's not the realist. Close. That's not that's a wish. Well, they're determined. They said they're determined tohave football. Well, great. What's the plan? Well, we're going to buy some Y pie's not gonna work. Why Peas are going to do it now You're not going to play football in a mass guys will be passing out. No, no, you can't. And that visor thing is stupid. I mean, you gotta put another advisor at the bottom of the how they're gonna breathe. We're going to do that. I. There's on ly one ways. If you create a bubble, and you keep him keep the players in there like the MBA is doing. That's the only way you can do it. If you allow them to be college students, you're you're done. There's no possible way the definition of college student social distancing and being a college student, but you know, no kidding. Really. It'd be a great dance floor, wouldn't it? What? I'd love to see a picture of six feet apart. Dancing? No. Course I was the wallflower so it would have affected May I was safely off of it. So I was. Ah, a pretty good dancer. I'm sure you are. What was your favorite movie? The sprinkler. Well, I would do broken shopping cart. I would do a little of the mashed potato kick the feet out. Assad. What's the mashed potato Potato is a version of I got to show you Okay, I'll be at the garage later for the underdogs. I want to dance contest with one of my friends, girlfriends, they because they neither one of one of the dance, and I said we're going That's a swoop in man. Well, you know, whatever. So they so we want it with the pretzel? We did it. Oh, that's where you're all intertwined. Rye. That's your little you just kind of do. If you get the rhythm down, you could do a whole room. We were both kind of spinning together with our hands connected. What's a good song for the pretzel? Oh! Oh, Any disco. Any disco song is good, eh? How about Oh,.

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