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Of tickets to Texas trophy, hunters extravaganza this weekend at the Freeman Coliseum exhibit. Hall we can go. See John alligators wow in the bone collectors will be there really So you're four packs, coming up your chance and four-pack coming up. Next well crews Nataly are still? Still looking through the rubble and man twenty six people so far killed in the northern city of Genoa, in that bridge collapse I look I. Can't, imagine driving over bridge collapses I don't I'm not scared of bridges but every time I get on one. That's the first thing that hits, my mind what. Are you going to do especially. If. You don't see, it hold onto the steering Do that seatbelts when you hit the water you can get out I guess I don't. Know, I mean. It's one of those things down I. Roller window. Down to be on the, safe side well dozens of cars plummeted, to the ground as a bridge gave way. Do tweet a strong storm the? Bridge collapsed onto buildings and railroad tracks that were below Man There may be dozens more trapped underneath a, concrete so they're still going through. Rebel, yeah you have about two hundred rescuers on this Poring through all the debris. Trying, to find survivors and I saw one. Man who managed to survive, his rock his car like fell down on these, cement pillars basically he just was. In, the right place I guess when it crumbled Yeah, it really brings into question the integrity. Of these bridges all bridges This was. Built in nineteen sixty seven so that makes it over fifty years old and I bet there's. A lot of bridges in this country that are over fifty years old remember how it wasn't very many years ago when the one in south Padre. The only way to. South Padre island that one went down at night that's right at night. That would be my nightmares driving. At night and the. Bridge would collapse they don't know how it happened it's. Still under investigation major repairs were performed, in the nineties, in additional repair work was done in two, thousand sixteen but apparently they they've been recently just, shoring up the foundation but whatever it was that. Storm. Was pretty bad but a bridge should not give away like that, exactly and. Of course it makes, me think of that Florida international university pedestrian bridge collapse that killed sex our. Hearts and prayers. Garage everybody in that area. That's still maybe trapped in I just can't I just. Can't imagine that I can't fathom what would go on in my mind I would probably go nuts. If. I was trapped like that because you don't know what's, going to Happen in getting. Out is your only your only goal. And if you're trapped and there's all these. People looking and there's more people trapped I mean when do they it's just one of those. Things it's a race against the yeah it.

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