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Welcome Xavier to the center tonight for a big east battle Wildcats thirteen and four they have won their last five, and they sit alone in first place in the big east with a four no conference. Mark Xavier heads into tonight's game. Eleven and seven overall three and two in the big east. Saint Joe's will be at action tonight the eight and nine hawks on the road. They will visit the Saint Louis Billick for Atlantic ten game. Seventy Sixers have now won three in a row after beating the Pacers in Indiana last night, one twenty two ninety six Sixers coach Brett Brown says they did a great job of moving the basketball in the victory. I mean, have you know, again, a large number thirty eight assists with Jimmy Joel. And Ben have an eight each in heaven thirty eight out of a forty six made baskets assisted is a statement. You know that that that we're proud of their sports injury report is sponsored by Martin law. The law firm for injured workers. Joel Embiid had twenty two points and thirteen rebounds to go along with those eight assists this despite dealing with back tightness. Sixers are now thirty and sixteen they returned to action tomorrow afternoon at the center against Oklahoma City the flyers returned to game action tomorrow night. They'll visit Montreal flyers have won three of their last four still in last place in the metropolitan division before Cluj Roose said, you never know what can happen. We're gonna go one game at a time. We can't be looking at the big picture here. You look at the big picture or twelve or fourteen points out of the playoffs. It's it's obviously not definitely wouldn't be easy to make the playoffs. But you want a few in a row and that change is quick and one game makes a huge difference after tomorrow night's game in Montreal.

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