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Welcome, glad you're spending part of it with us here at WTO P at 1218. We're having good weather all the age when it breaks, scarlet Ramirez isn't the WTO traffic zone. Thanks dean and we're hearing about a new one here on the inbound side of the suitland Parkway. As you make your way on to south capital street, in other words, the Frederick Douglass bridge is currently closed on the inbound side, all lanes completely shut down, headed inbound across the Douglas bridge, keep that in mind, you may need to opt for two 95 and the 11th street bridge to head inbound, outbound seems to be okay, but as I mentioned inside or inbound traffic is currently closed, if you're headed across the bay bridge, looks like we are still dealing with some debris in the roadway there. So if you have it to see some folks out there cleaning that up, be very, very careful. They should be along the right hand side. Seems like the center lane is all that's getting by, both right lanes should be opening up as soon as they get whatever is blocking the way out of the way. For Baltimore drivers, the outer loop of the beltway in Baltimore has been shut down for a couple hours now, the accident scene happened right by Steve and Bill rode just before getting down towards one 29, watching the camera looks like all lanes are currently closed, except for the far left shoulder, traffic is getting by a single file, along the far left hand side, delays are building, not quite as far as the JFX, but almost. So keep that in mind if you're headed along the outer loop of the Baltimore beltway. I two 70 looks good from the Frederick area down towards the capital beltway, headed southbound on three 55 just before getting down towards the beltway right by grosvenor lane looks like that far left lane is blocked with a work room not causing any delays of course, just watch out for the cones and folks in orange. If you're headed on the outer loop of the beltway just on your approach towards Pennsylvania avenue, handful of emergency vehicles headed that way, looking for an accident scene. Follow any police direction through that area and watch on for the response, keep an eye on those rearview mirrors. Carlos Ramirez traffic. Storm team four tracking your Labor Day weekend and it's going to be a warm one. I'm looking for a high temperature of 89° on your Saturday, Sunday. Looking for a high of 91°. A lot of sunshine through high clouds, but that's about it. 87 on

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