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Is she gonna wear. Whose faces she'd been weird that we every time Heather, Nazis, the money, we go, that's really oriented. We think she's everybody. The I feel I feel like she it would be cool surprise if we found out she had been playing one of these other characters sometimes that you know, that she's showing up and saying things as another person to win somebody over or something. I mean who knows she's got the ability to do this. It would be cool. If she was if she was the one stirring the pot. I wouldn't really I would enjoy it. If they've brought that out, but it, but but she can't kill, sir. C man. I don't I don't she can't give Bo I agree. There's that that'd be horrible. She might try. But I think she'll kill a lot. I don't think you'd kill them. Money's definitely on James. Money's jamie. And I think that's the most satisfying thing as far as aria maybe her in the Jalan have to tag team the mountain that that'd be pretty cool. Figure out what he's doing. But I think she might die because the line she's not complaining on back. I don't think she I think she I think she's going to do the faith because the faceless man is still out there. Oh, you mean, Jack and Hogar his head. Got his house. I I wouldn't be surprised if we see him show up. We'll more time he's not showing. Time. What else do you think the ankles coming back that little finger and the vases? This the last hope they're gonna pull up and save everybody. If you're someone out there who just created all these tin full theories. Nobody wants to hear more than dusty. Look my way if you. I don't know how many people watching this watch Jack horsemen there's a character on Bo. Jack horseman who has a lot of money in any idea this other character has he's like, yeah. Let's do that. Let's by you were you give everyone seed money. I think what I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna take all these ideas. And I wish we're and we're going to do like a game of thrones DND campaign where I actually get to see them to fruition. I'm going to be so disappointed. If little finger doesn't show back up or something crazy supposed to make a new care to your psych Spencer. We can make this. You can be everybody never know who you are. So one of the things that I thought would come through with began the season. I definitely seems like they're taking this route and they showed hints of it in last year season. Finale, it's pretty obvious now. But it looks like they're setting up generis for being the ultimate big bat. It's following her. Father's footsteps, totally exactly. I mean is hereditary. What of the nice symmetrical things that I was thinking of is. You know, everybody thinks if someone is going to kill Danny probably going to be John. I like the idea. Now, this probably doesn't work Jamie's Killen survey. But Jamie, killed deniers father because he was gonna kill all these people. What if he did it to deniro in some way think that would be a cool full circle moment for sure? Do you have any do you have your finger on the pulse of the nurse thing? Because she's she's off deep in. She's off the deepen I love how at the end of the last episode, basically her two hands at this point are following Jamie's footsteps we have to do this for the good of the people. Well, at least we're going to say teary was on board with that. We know he was he didn't say was. But he was but I love how you know how to these people that action of killing king looked bad for seventy seasons. But now that they're here. They're like this might be the way to fix his problem. There is you know, there might still be a lot of bloodshed to come with, Danny. Because she there was a scene that Danny and various had where he she basically was like, hey, if you betray me I'll kill you should people. And that might come to fruition. My every wish I had got to see those scenes again, I didn't get to rewatch them. So I don't wanna make too many ironclad predictions. But Danny being the ultimate be bet. I was even this kind of what I said at the beginning of the seasons a wanted to be true. And I definitely had John living and her dying began the year. Yeah. I think that comes to fruition. One of the things I wanted to ask you is with Danny's character somebody brought this up to me they said, I just don't think Danny would kill innocent people in any situation. And it's like I was like that doesn't necessarily track for me. She is she's a loan. Yeah. She's alone. She lost Giora who's our most personal confidante, then she lost Misanthrope in a gruesome way in a gruesome way, where when she was dying. Her last words were basically. Yeah. Barnum. I mean, what else does she have to deal with? And if she finds out various planning on backstabbing, that's just another thing. She's all the I think everybody in the show starts out that way, they all seem start out. Okay. But then they quickly begin to grow willing to pay whatever price need to see their goal, but sheathed and so just like her father father was a good ruler at first and then went mad and size kill everybody. And she was the same way trying to but I mean, she's already come close to everybody. She's been stopped multiple times. So at this point, she just needs one one less person to say, no to her and it'll happen the Queen of thorns Mont, not Marjorie, but with grandma Tyra health Olinda Olinda how that name. She said you'll dragon be address. She about doing. I think I think she is. She about the blue light something pretty quickly. You win. All you die in the game of thrones. That's true. Go wind, Dan. I'm not even like mad at Danny. But I do think it will be her vitual downfall. Well, I I got two questions for you. They kind of go hand in hand drawn one who do you think in your opinion who right now is the rightful heir to the throne and number two who do you think will be sitting on it in the in the rightful heir to the throne is John is gone. Tar gary. Yeah. I mean, he's literally the that the following in succession is literally the air to the throne. So of course, he has the the highest claim now he doesn't want it. I do think there is something to a leader who doesn't want to lead. There is something to that. And people follow John. He really would make a great king. It feels a little too perfect for him to be sitting on the throne at the end. But I'm starting to really see that happening. And either think it's him or nobody what about Robert breathy and son who's still alive. He has. He is the current legal heir to the throne. His father was the last king. He is the oldest male heir. So legally the throne. He was legitimized by somebody who were saying is now not so really he's not even legitimate yet. That's true. That's true. Yeah. So he still just a bastard at this point because if deniers acquaintance, and that doesn't matter I guess, that's true. But even if you I mean. I don't see him being on the end. But you know, he definitely doesn't seem to want to push any right? He has to at all. I mean, he I think he was blown away just said, I don't even know how to use a four. Yeah. Lord. So thank you. Plateful with that. Pretty full. Oh, anything else. You wanna hit on from the episode? Let's see here. I've got my list of who I think is going to kill who and Brigham doing. Well, I think we've gone over most of I think Jamie's going to die killing, sir. See I think the two of them go out the hound is gonna die killing them out white. The Jamie starts thing. I do want to say I could see Bryanne following him to king's landing like she has some kind of sane with Sanga where she's like I've got to go after them. Look does something bran. And that's what makes you. I don't know. Man. You hit something there that either they've gone nuts with this last episode. The length of time. It takes to travel anywhere has been lost. This last episode don't they don't even put that on the whole the whole ship's beat the horses and the Jamie's going to beat everybody on one Hort. So I'm I'm honestly thinking that this next episode. The battle may will be underway. Almost done are done by the time John's forces show up I know we've seen clips in the preview, but it wouldn't surprise me. If it starts in his over, and he shows up at the end and sees the aftermath in sees a burn Kingsland with as in people because I feel like the battle whatever the battle is will end in this next episode. The sixth episode to me, I think is gonna be the resolution of what happens with thrown. Yes is going to be some other battle which is going to be Danny's downfall in the six. Probably if she survives the battle. I think you're right. I think she does the battle. I don't see, sir. See being an episode six. No, I agree thinks he's done looking forward to Khyber death like. Not because I don't like him. I just wanna see how they get you think's to kill him. Oh, I would love you know, what I want. I want like a very skybridge standoff and all the little kids killing both of them. I'm hoping I'm hoping Tyrian the two hands faced off out there. But he could kill an old may with a sword. I could also see him dying like right in front of the dragon and being thrilled about it like us like three on his eating he's smiling. Like, that's definitely feels just like his character. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I did wanna touch one other thing why we keep going with the list. Oh. Well, let's see here. What else do I have? I have the hound is killing the mountain thus fitting in I have deniro's dies killing everyone. I have cosc-. Remember, I'm really bad at people's names. I wrote down the great joy, man. You're on. Yeah. Guys. But nobody else dies with them. I don't know how he's going to die John survives and takes the throne area. Aria continues to face this man legacy. The faces man reappears and wrote Sansa goes nuts and causes trouble for someone. Like, right. That's my that's my prediction. Sonza loose cannon over here. Yeah. Yeah. By the way, you're on way, cooler in the books kind of he felt like oh, much cooler in the books. Somebody the other day. Call him one of the coolest people in all fiction and in the show. He's just kind of a dumb pirate. I made a little bit better than that. But not not quite you should definitely if you're interested Wiki him because he's got great stores in the books. One of his quotes from the books is he's talking to one of the prophets on the iron islands. Yeah. Any says godless why I'm the godless man ever to raise sale you serve one God. But I have served ten thousand from issue to Asha when men see my sales. They pray. Oh, you're on show. You're on a Santa your show you on like, I'm horny. Different TV show where that Queen vagina. That's. Yeah. Last thing. I wanted to touch him. I saw almost universal complaining about them not showing Santa Arias reaction to the news of John's real parentage. Did you see this because he says brand tell them and they look at brand. And then we cut to different saying, well, and we don't at this point. We don't know for sure that they know the whole truth and nothing, but the truth, we don't know for sure what John told him. We don't know for sure what she told Syrian. We don't have for sure what Tyrian told various we have yet to hear any story being passed down. So I mean brand clearly says it's your choice, and we don't know if he gave the whole truth and nothing, but the truth, we don't know which passed, okay? We don't know. I like to I like to think I've given up pretty much as bras at this point for the producers, but I really hope that they're keeping one or two maybe that's one of them. Have you noticed too that? Well, go ahead with this. I was gonna. Say I'm gonna go with that. They just heard you know, exactly what John hurt. Okay. Brand told because John would not be okay with brand line to them. He wants to tell the truth the whole truth. I believe so I mean, that's that was John. Danny's conversation was all about that. I have to tell them that it was. So let's go with them that they know the truth. Okay. The reason I'm okay that they didn't show that is because not only have we already had that reveal three times with three times that they've said it out loud. That's true. And what do you want from signs in aria? You it is you know, how they're gonna react. They're going to be Santa has as much scrape reaction is like a potato So I feel like I'm a really you really sauna.

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