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To be a pal but it's like Mel Mel. I honestly don't believe it exists in. I feel bad for people who really think that it's going to really make a difference. Zambia's crappy no matter how you cut it. I get the feeling that there was a lot of thoughts. That Snyder had early in production. That people like think got shot and filmed in were scripted into into it rather than just ideas that one up on the cutting room or even laughed. You know so it's like there isn't a dark side there's no big dark sites Hello Yeah No. He didn't make it. It was just stepping. Yeah but yeah but the idea that he was dachshund. I think people think there was this other film. That Snyder had commits a Richard. Donner situation is never gonNA. How long does it take the richer? Donna cut pursuit. Man Sooner. Come out late. What twenty? Five years or so. Well I mean if it was named Kuttan twenty fifty kids if they wanted to do his will tell you if there was. Let's not cut they would relieve. Hbo Period. Or Yeah. I was GONNA say the Mall Sell. HBO Backstay One. We cut virtualization. Triple Blu ray kind of thing. You know they won on HBO. Max that's all they sell it that Ami wasn't better cut that exist. That's that's what they would have done that with. No eight no way. This is the secret. Richard Donner situation. There is no way online doesn't match up people let it go let let it go that.

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