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Eighty fifth minute so they very well could be done they'll they'll have a small chance of still getting into the next round but but boy there's there's got to be a lot of gymnastics now croatia just hit the post so this this game has been very onesided okay george nano is in philadelphia he's going to cover the draft from the sixers perspective tonight from phil the draft starts at four o'clock it's on espn all right george since you're big nba guy like us i wanna i i'm just gonna throw throw some names at you and i want you to tell me if they're still going to be on the team they were on last year when this year starts okay and because i think these are all people who could be in play tonight and i'm going to start with a walker karl anthony towns yeah i think that the owners basically there's no chance they're moving 'em andrew wiggins would be a different story but yeah i think town states what about that they don't love towns of minnesota but they also know that they can't give up on that they don't love towns in minnesota this likes have all right how about way in jimmy butler you think stays two i think he stays through this year for tips but i think he's going somewhere by the way george tips on thin ice there maybe yeah a lot of guys that end up taking the dual role trying to run the franchise coach it rarely works out i'm just telling you okay what about the guys in washington george john wall bradley beal i think one of them is gone i i'd be surprised if both of them are back i know they're trying to gore tot right now but i think bill is someone that could be on the move his salaries more palatable than john wall sinus direction demar to rosen i think he's in play but i think a lot of it depends on what happens with the brand so if lebron goes to the lakers i think messiah jiri kinda stands pat because they want the nine games or whatever it was the east if that's the brand has been there kryptonite the two guys in portland cj mccollum damian lillard i think both guys could get mood i think mccollum lillard chicken move now yeah i think he could yeah i think he could i think it's possible i think mccollum is is more likely than than than damian for sure yeah this is fun the man i mean the games are fun the talent is everywhere even the bad teams except for atlanta have at least one guy to watch so i very much into all this george but i want i want to get your perspective on this john i and michael key and was filling in for yesterday we we're all kind of discussing this and i still haven't gotten a great answer for this last year right lakers are in the situation where a free agent player said that he wanted to go through through through means he wanted to get to that team and the lakers decided to keep their young talent now they're in a position to possibly get a player like that to come for free and so my question again here once you now built this young core that everybody agrees is pretty good and has a chance to really pop what what point do you actually give up when you probably have some leverage if guys are saying that they want to come to you eventually so why give up young talent when you can have your cake and eat it too because i do think that you run the risk of getting traded somewhere else and unlike paul george why is a much bigger difference maker leonard is the top five player when healthy co islanders the best defensive player in the league outside of maybe dream on anywhere between nine and thirteen i guess depending on what you ask in that range right for but i think it's just a different level like i don't think the game changer by himself i think kawai could be a game changer by himself so because of that i think.

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