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The radios that the recipient of the one but to Christy just Marconi awards broadcast the one in the old the old again the great American I guess is begins now the actual impeachment trial starts on Tuesday we had the Superbowl all fixed up now I kind of wish that the Green Bay and one I kind of wish Tennessee and one nonetheless we're gonna have San Francisco which are crushed the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs so we'll see what happens two weeks from tonight we got more important things to talk about which is the impeachment of Donald John trump buy a pack of wolves who will not have it any other way no president in his first three years has accomplished the number of economic miracles in foreign policy successes of Donald John trump this guy is on president and that's why he's being impeached if he was a failure the media and the Democrats would wait until November the third to get him out of office because they would run on the failure of his policies but you can't run on his policy failures because they have been any you can't run on his foreign policy failures hello there been any so you have to smear the man himself some of claim the similar Jesus Christ taking on our sins I'm a religious person I would not say that but none the less he is in a sense being impeached because he is successful he's in page because you and I put him in office the working men and women and then god help today be careful what you wish when Chuck Schumer who said to about twenty years ago they'll be no witnesses I'm following a motion to dismiss let's just get this thing over with that same god twenty years later saying wait a minute we need witnesses stretch this thing out by stretching it out does it make it more likely that Joe Biden is going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party have Sanders and Elizabeth Warren cannot do any campaigning maybe for the next thirty two three four five six weeks there was speculation this morning on fox news or Chris Wallace that of witnesses are called you just don't call a witness another words if they won Bolton or if if the Republicans ought to call hunter Biden and we'll talk about that later as to why he's Jermaine and relevant you have to take a deposition first to see what they're going to say now what happens if John Bolton is called as a witness by vote because for cowardly Republicans vote with the Democrats the first thing is going to happen is the president will exert executive privilege now you would think the Chief Justice could summarily rule on that but he cannot any will not executive privilege is awfully important in the country the presidential communications with his top appointed aides are critical to the functioning of the executive branch of government is the way it works lawyer client privilege is extremely important it would take months or maybe years to determine if John Bolton is capable of testifying so in the privileges not John boldness to wave it is the presidential privilege that needs to be waived by the president himself that major John Bolton is called somehow issued a subpoena and actually shows up and the president's attorneys exert executive privilege the Chief Justice is incapable of ruling yea or nay on the issue he's a presiding officer but he's not capable of rolling on that issue the issue would have to begin and then you're on United States District Court in Washington then go to the second circuit then go to the US Supreme Court and the Chief Justice would have to of course recused himself because he was the presiding officer an impeachment trial one estimate is it will take nine months to a year to resolve just executive privilege the Chief Justice cannot rule from the chair as to whether or not it's a valid claim or not a valid claim so you'd have to litigate the issue on the other hand if the Republicans call Joe Biden hunter Biden they aren't subject to the same executive privilege or the tourney client privilege therefore as a consequence they'd have to testify and if they refused to testify by taking the Fifth Amendment how would that look to the Democrat party awful and there's more dirt on the bite inside we got to swipe your book coming out and that's going to be a bomb shell it's in your New York Post as a lot of it but the bidens have made hundreds of millions of dollars just as the Clintons have made and your mom as a maid by influence peddling and by cashing out in their office that's how they get that's how they make their money most Democrats leave office with millions of dollars in their pockets gained through all kinds of angle shooting and all kinds of influencing cashing out on one's political office hunter Biden is is one of four five Biden's better become multi millionaires through influence peddling of Joe Biden much as the Clintons have become hundreds of millions of dollars of of worth all of them because of their connection to the presidency secretary state Clinton foundation and so you can have a trial were witnesses are called the president exerts executive privilege called by him not by John Bolton and then it's litigated in the federal court system that would take forever much like an attorney client privilege is a privilege of the client that is as an attorney the attorney client privilege exist to protect not made to protect the client and when you have a president and executive privilege as an executive privilege that protects the presidency from intrusion from one branch of government that would take a long time to work out in Watergate it took about fifteen months beginning with John Sarek all the way up to the US Supreme Court and they rolled nine does it but that took fifteen months we don't have fifteen months and and the Chief Justice cannot rule so be careful for what you wish at this point the president has accomplished so much the Democrats must get you to focus not on the success of his policies but rather on bomb shells developments the left the most ridiculous thing is a left harness who's the Michael have in any of our time those of the individual that wants you to focus on they know they can't have you focus on that since election day the S. and P. five hundred some fifty five percent to the tune of about nine trillion dollars also since election day the Dow's increase itself fifty eight percent nasdaq is up seventy eight percent the unemployment rate is three point five's the lowest in the last fifty years the adult female unemployment is only three point two percent with the lowest unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics in the history of the world everything is should be up is up things you should be down is down in real wages are up eight point three percent put in dollar terms US five thousand seventy dollars since trump took office she's junk eight federal roles very new one he's he's concocted veterans now enjoy wider and faster medical choices free speech or college campuses have now been protected schools to promote anti semitism will pay dearly the GOP Senate confirmed about a hundred ninety of trump federal bench appointees including two U. S. Supreme Court justices and thank god as a practicing Roman Catholic he has signed numerous pro life measures partially defined a planned parenthood shoulder religious liberty and stop so bombers morally repugnant warn the little sisters of the poor and those who don't want to make wedding cakes and put it into the void certain of their religious principles I could go on and on just the Iranian situation is truly unbelievable what he did there you might recall the neo cons most of the Republicans and all the Democrats told trump he was a coward for not attacking Iran and in reality a turnout magnificently you might recall that was sold Amani was killed for the vicious crimes he committed against your manatee Solomonic practice genocide that when he was killed it was all about the procedures that calls to do occur without the Democrats acknowledging that guy's a mass murderer in fact he was designated as a terrorist by the Obama administration how's it worked out in the last two or three weeks magnificently unbelievable everything's working including the second amendment I look that the media is rooting for a terrible result tomorrow in Virginia they're hoping for one much like the rooting for the economy to crash for trump to attack Iran to get us involved in some nasty war because it might benefit the Democrat politically on November the third they're rooting for a terrible event at the gun rally tomorrow in Virginia why because it fits their political purposes to me to my way of thinking any government that seeks to take away because there's not because there's constitutional rights should be confronted sanctuary cities is another matter but may I explain because you and I may part company on this issue have you heard me say repeatedly on Sunday night we can have a resurrect an insurrection against the federal government we can't have sanctuary cities or states when it comes to invalidating federal law on illegal immigration right now New York City and in San Francisco and Chicago and Baltimore and in Tampa numerous illegal aliens have been released from prison wrongfully they wanted to have ice holders they would accept them and then these individuals one out and murdered raped and killed large numbers of people century city status that is called rebellion against the federal government one counties cities and states say that we are a sanctuary city or state or village when it comes to the second amendment they're going down the same path as the Democrats went down with invalidating state or federal law that is insurrection that is rebellion we have a second amendment we have a U. S. your brain heart that is declared that the second amendment is a personal right it's not about necessarily only the militia it's about you and I having the power to defend ourselves and we have a president and an Attorney General that will defend the second amendment so when counties or cities or states weather in Virginia Ohio or Texas claim that were sanctuary city or state for gun rights that is philosophically no different than what the Democrats have done relative to not take a nice to Tanner's on individuals locked up we have a strong belief because of US Supreme Court decisions that the ability to carry firearms is a personal right that the government cannot take away without due process and so the media is hyping up tomorrow what's going to happen in Virginia hoping for some catastrophe to smear the president in Switzerland is giving the opening speech day after tomorrow and Switzerland to make those of us who believe in civil rights the second amendment as somehow were right nationalist or white supremacist I'm a nationalist I'm an American I'm not a white nationalist I'm not a Catholic nationalist I'm an American nationals who believes in the constitution and the bill of rights when you get your perspective on that and I believe we have one last thing I'm gonna bring this up tonight how many times have we seen shocking new evidence come at the very end to smear Hey conservative you might recall Clarence Thomas was sailing through the United States Senate with maybe ninety votes out of the out of one hundred when all of a sudden Anita hill popped up out of nowhere a.

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