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It's a really weird semi flashback. Here for the punisher say nam cashback. I mean if you didn't already know his deal you'd think he was just spacing out in about kites micro is they didn't have the music you just be like just thinking about kites happy place you listening to me. He's like god micros going on a rant again and he just didn't do killers family. It's all implied. My wife my wife choked on my wife jo on the straight. You didn't get or i guess. We got strangled strength. Got strangled strangled is outside choke inside that makes sense. Maybe it was a kite runner situations. You got like knifed. God we're gonna rip on. John belk a lot in this episode offers shitty acting but i love the line read for what he says wrong wrong. He's it it's excellent. That's exactly what i've in this to fight monsters then they. They show a clip of the twin towers like. Oh no. we're not allowed to remember that why wasn't move on. I mean it is a little bit of foreshadowing. I really don't wanna talk about it so. Nc as they transition to show you that there at the airport that's very clearly reused animation from the chameleon episode those are the very beginning of the chameleon episode. I think we used it as one of our Title guards naked under the trenchcoat. Wish i was wondering the same thing. He shows a lot of chest and they never really show whether he's wearing pants. It's just darkness under the trenchcoat for the legs and then mariah asked green your ceremonial accounting. Wait he no. He only wears that. He's definitely wearing socks like the guy who bangs with socks on black dress socks. Tell whether he's wearing khakis or nothing under their new year's a shot him getting off the plane before he makes act. What is actually a pretty good little joke here but then you could see through his trenchcoat like those legs go all the way from here to there just what he wears on airplanes. Just a trenchcoat. it's way more comfortable. Just free ball in it. I think that's a crime is is the nineties. That's the way to get through security. The fastest just be naked. Just be naked when no metal detection. Just walk through the airport trenchcoat. That's it so does he still have his powers he doesn't because he goes on a little bit of a awkward tangent about how he lied to not have the super strength of a scientifically created madman anymore and they starts calling her calypso. Mike calypso justice. Shitty joke does the on hans without his main. I took it more than just the barest forgot six pluto tummy brocher ceremonial hunting garden. There's the nine hundred for christ's sake please don't already cuts.

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