Facts About 'Saturday Night Live'


Desire for more vacation days. The'RE was 1970 for Johnny Carson requested at NBC Stop airing the Tonight Show reruns on the weekend. The reason he wanted to save those reruns for extra vacation days. He was planning to take during weekdays so he was a king of vacation. He would have long stint guest host that would come in. It was great. NBC wanted to fill those weekend slot, so they hired Lorne Michaels to develop a show. Wow. It better all be this good. Yeah. Ah, right, who was the first Saturday night Live official cast member. Who was she? Gilda Radner? Yes, Way. Saturday Night Live premiered as NBC's Saturday night. The show was originally called NBC Saturday night because there was already a show. Titled Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell on ABC. When Cosell Show ended in 1976 Michaels changed his show's title to Saturday night Live. Interesting. I do love that. It's

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