New York Jets Officially Release RB Le'Veon Bell


All right Levian, bell got released from the jets, which is big for us, which is team don't pay running back also big for us, which is like the jets are the funniest organised eight picked the jets go to the playoffs last year. Let's just talk about that for years in the past last year. Split here's a here's a few. Since the jets hired Adam Gates things. Destroyed Sam darnold confidence and development. Check. Chased a homegrown talent out of town with incompetence in Jamal Adams. Made sure that no free agent will want to sign with them for years to come. Ranked last. In offensive production for two straight. Seasons. And let's just talk about how Adam Gates is. Still there he is still there and wait my favorite thing about it at all. You remember Anthony Barr was signing with someone off season. You remember the whole thing he signed with the jets he took a pay cut. To leave the jets and sign with the Vikings. He literally said no will work for less money as long as I don't have to be there. That's what that says about this jets organization.

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