Supreme Court to have Barrett confirmation hearing in Washington DC this week


News. I'm Barbara Klein, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Amy Cockney, Barrett is vowing to rule based on law, not her personal views. In prepared remarks released today ahead of her Senate confirmation hearing that begins tomorrow. Barrett also says courts are not designed to right every wrong in public life. NPR's Windsor Johnston reports It's expected to be a bitter four day process. Judge Barrett is likely to face a barrage of questions, including issues and cases involving abortion, specifically the landmark Roe vs Wade decision. Senate Democrats are also likely to press her on whether a justice Barritt would recuse herself from a potential election dispute. Post November Georgetown law professor Paul Butler would judge here it would choose herself. There's not much binding law about when injustice should recuse herself. The Supreme Court level, It's pretty much up to her. Barrett is also certain to face questions about the affordable care act. The high court is set to hear a challenge to the law next month. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Washington

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