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Joining me now, and you are right in the center of the plaza party. That's going on of course, game six tonight and the Columbus blue jackets battling for their lives and research. What's it looking like down there, brother? Plenty of people. Obviously this the biggest game that all seep, and it's a sensitive nervous. Calm. I think it's not as much energy as I felt in flat and father parties, and I think it's just because offenders in the gravity of what's going on. It's still, you know, people obviously trickling in from work. But I it doesn't get any bigger game. Six tonight if jackets can win they can force game seven in Boston on Wednesday. But like I was trying to say last hour that it's going to be a battle between Raskin Sergei Bobrovsky and Fadh has to play much much much better than the first forty minutes that he did on Saturday. I think the key tonight. I don't know if you agree or not is if the jackets the key is coming out of at least scoring the first goal because then the crowd becomes overwhelming. And you know, certainly Boston's you know, they're not in the full business. They don't just fold. I mean, I I've I don't think I've ever actually witnessed at least not this year. So, but but to put some doubt in. Their head into to get that home crowd advantage and get them going. I think the first goal needs to be scored by the blue jackets tonight. And you know, we're often running obviously, it's going to be very electric in there. But boy, if they could come out within the first, you know, in that first period sometime and really fire up the crowd. Yeah. Be hard to argue there if they're not going to score the first of all these PD early on the first ten minutes, I think early going to dictate how this game goes if they come out like a whole as they did in games four and five I think you can stick a for him. But if they can come out, and at least be the enforces early if they can take control of the pace of the game early. And then you had to put that first puck in that would be phenomenal. But for this team. It's just not coming out looking like you've gotta rub. The sleep out of your is. This can't be oh, well, you come on in the second period or any try, you know, halfway through the I know it's the first as soon as that it's gotta be as good as any of them a plate for the jacket. They've gotta ride their horses. Matthew, Shane Jones, fanatic household names? Need to step up tonight or else their seasons over? Well. It's do or die tonight for the Columbus. Blue jackets, Greece or live at nationwide arena. Thanks, brother..

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