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Four one Sean that is from a brand new documentary of actually our own Linda had a big part to play in all of this Sarah Carter to nonprofit group called dark wire. And in this DC on Monday, they are going to do the premiere of this documentary. And at some point we're going to make it available to all of you as well. It's extraordinarily well done. If you're a parent you need to watch it. It's called not in vain. It features the stark reality and truth in the dark truth about drugs crossing the open borders in the incredible need for national security at our borders. Joining us now is a good friend of the program. Former of host of the five on the Fox News channel is now on crtv, and my friend Eric Bolling is back with us before we get to this. Have you been watching this madness and Jeff flake all day on the supreme court, Sean, I just I'm a twin bed. Pt Barnum would be proud of the circus. And then I just said, you know, what surface intermission until Tuesday. It's amazing. What we've reduced the the honorable respectable Senate chamber to to this type of insanity. But finally, they they pushed it through. And then we're going to get the vote on Tuesday, which which would should see I'm not so sure we're going to see it on Tuesday, though. I think that when he gets he gets Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski, then that's it. I could see that happening. And by the way, the thing is is under penalty of a felony. All of the people the four I witnesses in the case of professor Ford. Let me tell you what that gives that gives the Democrats another week of the Michael Evans of the world, you know, coming up with more czar. It's clear, you know, it's not even it's it's the rule of law or evidence in court. It's not in the constitution. It's not even an American the world. Do you wanna do you wanna live in a coach for world where a simple accusation with thirty five year old thirty five year old foggy recollection can put someone's name reputation, family and livelihood at risk. Sandy. We gotta get back sandy at some point hopefully, Tuesday that will happen. Yeah. Hopefully will. What we witnessed yesterday was beyond the circus. It was sad. You you you watch the destruction of a human being literally in twelve days how to destroy a man and his family in twelve days after what was a evidence without this zero corroboration, and then so many of the other stories have been debunked. It's it's sad that this is what the state of the country short, Sean you, and I both had Juanita Broderick on our show. And she I had the fortune of of having thirty minutes or I had a really long sit down with her. And I asked you can you tell me details of the room. She described the room. I said you remember the right there? She described the ride there. So what the hotel lobby looks like she described in detail everything about that night that that morning with with Bill Clinton when he raped her. Now for me, this is further back, then then Dr Ford has to remember remember a lot of the details. That tells me something doesn't seem. Right now within thirty minutes. Juanita broddrick which had been in a conference within thirty minutes, the person she was at the conference with saw her in her room with her lip which was a bit bloodied. Three times its normal size and immediately told somebody now she didn't wanna go To's afraid. Yeah. Was she was also talking about the rights to the events of the hotel where the events in the area where the event was going to happen to write back when you look doctor for testimony. She can't remember how she got to the party. She doesn't remember how she got home. She wasn't sure what day of the week, it was vivid detail Juanita broaddrick of rape and an alleged sexual misconduct act against miss. Dr Ford's very very few details. It's not suggesting she didn't get harassed or molested. I'm simply suggesting not certain that it was pret- Cavanaugh. The did it. Well, wanna switch it on a no it's a Friday here, and we've been spending almost all week on this. And there's a lot of important breaking news. But what we're about to talk about has become. Very near dear and close to my heart in large part because of the tragedy in your life, and you being a friend of mine, and that is just a little over a year ago your son chase bowling died. You got a phone call, and he had purchased Xanax Xanax is an anti anxiety pill and in it. It was laced with null, and he died that night nor that day. And I want you to talk about your experience. And then I'm going to bring Linda on as well. And why this and this is a nonprofit there's a nonprofit documentary, and it's called not in vain and premieres in Washington DC on Monday, and you always say to me, and you say to anybody you talk to and I know you working with the president you're doing a lot of big things to to make people aware of how dangerous these drugs are. But you always say don't think it can happen your kids because it can and your I believe you because I've seen it too often. Now, Sean you were there from from the mid happen. I got a call from you. I got a call from the president the next day. My wife wasn't absolute tailspin. You just call. You never expect to get just. Deficit that scribe. I told you stole the show a couple of times, but she pulled the car over when when we got the call we heard it and she saw onto the road night pick her up and bring it back onto the side. We sat there and confusion, Sean and get a call from dealer. Call from the president real fast forward a little bit in in. I spent part of last year in a month talking to people talking to groups talking to sandwich talking. C-pack talking to turning points USA kids, and parents about what what we need to do kids really need to understand that Eric chase was a sophomore in college. He like probably millions of other sophomores other college kids Baltistan X on campus wasn't prescriptive. And it was no he passed, and I tell kids nonstop one pill to kill if you put in your mouth just understand. It may be the last thing you do. I tell parents mom, dad. Listen, you're too smart to damage to to to adorable to athletic to white you you to straight to see gender. Doesn't matter. It will touch your kid at one point. I it's clutching. Everybody knows there's nobody that impacted by this now. Just one quick thing. So I was on the show talked to Linda little bit. But it got such wide appeal that Demi Levato was was proud that. She was she overdosed on mobile. I and she was literally pronounced daddy. But they've bought brought her back. They got her back to life. After that within a couple of days. Demi Levato is mom. Diana dealer. Garza called me and said, look I need to get involved in this. I my daughter, and I are suppose I love her as soon as she's out of out of trouble. I want to get involved with should I said, Diana. You will be the minute. You're ready and he's ready. You're going to be part of this. I want to bring you onto the so we can we can save some lives together. And Linda had contacted me your your producer, contact me said, hey, can you get involved with this premier the movie, I say, I will? But you like to do is. I'd like to bring Demi Lovato's mom and tell her story to because it's really compelling. I mean, there's. Assume it just shows you can touch anyone anybody. So she's going to be part of that premier as well. And this is what scares me, and you know, you're never going to recover from this. And I I I know you're strong. I know your wife is strong. I know you both. But you know, you told me once that if it's just one the size of one grain of salt or two or three grains of salt from your shaker. And I'm not talking about the big grains of salt. It's the little tiny salt grain that can kill a kid, and they're putting it purposefully in the in all of these drugs from heroin to weed and everything they're putting it everywhere. Some dealers are even looking out looking for the some of the strongest stuff that can kill because they'll get known as the dealer with the strongest drugs and doesn't even bother bad night. They kill some as far as being strong, Sean. No, no, you you have been through you. You lost the love of your life. You lost your child? No parent should ever lose a child ever. And you know, you get a, you know, I remember when you got the call you were in the car, you told me your wife collapsed. It's it's horrible. Let me let me bring Linda in for a second pool is, you know, this nonprofit group put you help put this whole thing together. So I got to give you a lot of credit, and it's called dark wire. And this is your first documentary. It's not in vain Sarah Carter also is working on the project created by the organization, but you also traced where this is all coming from which is a big component of this. I think one of the most misunderstood things is that is coming across an open border to national security crisis. What person doesn't want to protect their children? And when Eric started doing all this stuff said, you know, I'm doing this project Sarah Carter, she's my business partner nonprofit trying to get the word out and save some kids. You know, if you take if you wanna take an analogy that really hits home think about a seven thirty seven crashing every single day with every passenger on the flight dying, except they're all under twenty. That's what's happening in our country makes opioid losses over seventy two thousand people a year and then. We're not even talking about the lives ruined by addiction. And that's the thing releasing generation babies are being born dictate to heroin and opioids while we were making the film my cousin overdosed died and she left behind five kids. She had just gotten out of rehab. Just got clean was in a halfway house. Took a shot a heroine. The heroine was laced with federal and she died, and Eric this is what's happening to these kids. Let's say they they hit granny's medicine cabinet and a Percocet vicodin anoxia cotton, and then they take it. And then they like it, then they take it. And they like it and the next thing they're on the street paying eighty bucks a pill, and they can't afford it. And then someone offers a ten dollars bag of heroin and the wife's over even work. Now, Sean right until the last part where it's it's now cheaper fi hit opioid on the street. You can get a pill of whatever it is. Oxy whatever their their favorite type of opioid is profound bucks and cops. So tell fortunes tell me we can't we can't keep up. It's too hard to find you. You can't smell dogs. They say for five dollars it can get high in an opioid in the cost more to buy joint or or cocaine. So there, of course, attracted right to a stronger, stop the problem is some of the stuff that's on the street. A lot of this stuff. That's I'm Streep is Linda points out is coming from places like China North Korea's. Well, they're laced with deadly drug defensible is a horse tranquilizer gives that most people in the last days of cancer when they're in the massive monster pain, and and they just they it's the last ditch after to keep people out of pain promise..

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