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Who knows if he had a properly working. Trouser snake ended up creating his own offspring with his wife as opposed to adopting he might have never had had such a hyper focus on health. We would not have cornflakes to enjoy in our modern age. If the parallel universe theory is correct there is another the universe were Dr Kellogg's. Dick worked and we don't have cornflakes. I think I would rather have fixed symbol man with a heart on eh sexual energy desire can be a very potent force indeed and it manifests in many different ways and Dr Kellogg's case it manifest in years of ranting about masturbation promoting circumcision and vegetarianism and the eventual creation of the delicious cereal we enjoy today of course the cereal that we consume today is nothing like Kellogg's original serial. It is much too sweet and tasty tasty. He believed that everything should be bland and boring and free of sex things that are too sweet or too spicy can get that old libido of flare in in before you know it there are. Boehner's wet holes all over the place and we can't have that the blander and more boring your food. Food was the safer who were from those lustful demon's in your loins the next time you go to enjoy some cornflakes raise your spoon to that sexually repressed doctor in silent tribute and then go rub one out because there is nothing wrong with masturbation. ooh till it makes you go blind. I'm GonNa let you in on a little something my friend masturbation doesn't make you go blind. Oh I know because I I wouldn't be able to see right now. If it did likewise. I think there wouldn't be any like twelve year old boys that weren't walking around with Dr Glasses and McCain my palms. Your Harry and I walked into a wall. I had a teacher one time for a sex Ed class last that claimed the reason why there was a rooster on the box of kelloggs cornflakes was a subtle advertising scheme uh that they came up with essentially saying this product will keep you from Shokhin chicken. I haven't ever been able to find the any backup evidence to this. I think that choking the chicken as a euphemism for masturbation became established in popular culture after the rooster was on the box not before it could be wrong but this came from Mike Godsey from College Marin. I'm just throwing his name out there blaming him. If this is misinformation it's all his fault. The other thing I fight interesting is back in the nineteen. Th Century there was such a common idea that spicy foods or just just anything with any sort of seasoning in it would cause impure thoughts that was actually a very common concept was that any sort of spice and flavor would cause your beato. Also your teacher at college and Ren was wrong. A rooster is on the Kelloggs Cornflake box because a rooster crows in the morning to start their day and many people start their day with cornflakes. That's just cornflake propaganda. Oh I like his version of that. There's a rooster on there because it's going to keep you from Iraq and the rooster rubbing the rooster I should say they or because the roosters also called a cock. He debuted on cereal boxes in nineteen fifty seven and his name was cornelius. TEM IT Mr God see yeah false information. Yes sorry turns that you can't believe everything that people tell you Sir Future Truth Yeah we're we're based on fact but I have found that facts can change over the years for instance people used to believe that masturbation would make you go blind or that bland diet would keep you from masturbating. Both of these things are incorrect. It's interesting to me how many food products we did get from this idea because we got the kelloggs cornflakes. Glenn Graham crackers for the same reason and the Graham crackers that they had back then were nothing like the Graham crackers we have now because they were completely bland flavourless cardboard. That'll keep those lustful thoughts down and from what I've read before Kellogg God. His is idea for the serial from another gentleman. I don't remember his name off the top of my head that invented the first commercially available dry cereal named and Granola Granola Granola which if you could imagine closely resembles grape nuts. Have you ever overhead grape nuts. I have never had greatness in my life. There pretty much just little hard chunks of wheat. ooh okay. I don't think they're terrible but the grape nuts or the granola he came up with he used grams flower to create these things yes and they would put them in sheets and let them dry overnight though the issue was there were completely inedible that way because there are so hard that that you couldn't eat them so what they came up with the ingenious idea was they would soak them overnight in milk to make make them palatable actually edible that is the argument that I've heard as to why we eat cereal with milk is that this first commercially tailable cereal had to be soaked for hours in milk before it was tender enough to eat. I didn't actually come across that and my research when you knew that I was doing a bit on Kellogg you mentioned the Granola and I went and looked it up and I couldn't find anything about their colonel. I suppose it could have looked even harder but I was trying to. I know that they were trying to create their own cereal but I was having trouble finding that granola grape nuts tie-in um. I'm sure it's out there. I mean you're known for going very deep. Indeed so deep in my sex box pervert thanks for Sharon. Is that all you have for the sex golden charismatic perverts for this episode that is correct. I have Manson and sex boxes and flakes well. I'm going to go myself some cornflakes well masturbating thinking about Charles Manson and my sex box have fun. I guess no I don't actually have any questions no carry-on. You go your best self. I'll have all the fun in a couple of hours aw since that's. It's all you have for us today. I want to thank everybody for once again joining us for another episode of Talk Podcast. Yes thank you communit- yeah no honestly yes. I'm getting pressured for not being enthusiastic enough. Would he isn't understand is that I have signed a contract contract because I'm goth and we're not allowed to be super disaster. It goes against contract rules who signed this when you were a teenager and I've honored it none angsty exte- young girl with black hair. Pale skin hockey how you cannot ever be enthusiastic about anything ever correct but I'm very enthusiastic that you all joined us for this podcast. My nipples your fizzing being fizzing. Yes Alan. You might want to go to the doctor if you have fizzy nipple. I feel shamed by you. I'm not sure big you yeah. I like Fuzzy Nipples fuzzy tables fuzzy. No I didn't mean to shame. NIPPLES can be fuzzy. I've known girls. I've called it Hobbit Nipple before for I've known girls that have had to Harry Nipple. You've got some serious. Habit Nichols gone on my friend. We'll discuss. I'm a man shaming any woman that has hobbit Nepal Apple. It's fine. I'll still suck those nipples and I have. I am not ashamed to admit that I have sucked hobbit nipple before okay. Thank you for sharing joyous next. I am where I am sure. We will have many other great inches. Take things it's important information very important information to share an Hobbit nipples. NO WE'RE NOT GONNA share the devils all right no Hobbit nipples progressive before we go. I do want to put my podcast challenge. That guy put out every three time. What's the podcast challenge challenge is if you enjoy this podcast and want to support us go until until at least one person about it just one. Let's all at least one where you could always tell more you could also if you wanted to follow it and read it on whatever platform you you choose to listen to your podcasts on because that helps us get listeners to so if you think what we're doing is fun and valuable share it with the rest of the world because it's it's important to get more ears correct. That's a great challenge. Prove thank you also. If you appreciate the podcast best you can follow us on Patriots on a dirty talk podcast to on Patriots Fan and for five bucks a month you also get our weekly the after hours podcast which is fun and full of a lot more interesting tidbits so if you want to listen to us on a weekly basis ACIS oftentimes coming from strange exotic locales engaging in off defying stunts death defying stunts uh-huh an inexplicable adventures because we're rockstars that leaves the house all the time. I left the house to come over here who is by spur bedroom an interesting exotic location. The can be depending on the situation. I'll I'm reminding everybody now that the podcast can be found on itunes or Google play music spotify stitcher speaker tune in radio. I heart radio pretty much anywhere. You can think to get a podcast. Oh I think we're also on soundcloud. I put for like the last three episodes up on soundcloud so not all the episodes sows are on there because soundcloud wants to charge me money but you can get the last three episodes on soundcloud sometimes episodes depending how long they are and were also on Youtube. We are official youtubers. Are we one of the cool kids now. We were always schoolkids courts. Yes the coolest. We're just that much. Cooler ride had significantly cooler now that we're a couple of degrees also thanks to our honorary producers. If you want to become an honorary producer you can join us on Patriot at one hundred dollar level. You get a shout out at the end of every podcast as honorary producer are honorary producers currently currently are Rolf Hansen and his wife's wives plural because that's how Ralph and his wife's role Yep. He is a very very nice interesting Paulie German guy. Thank you so much roth and wives. We couldn't do it without you and we truly appreciate your vote of confidence. It allows us to keep creating shows like this for everyone to enjoy. That's the devour shameless self-promotion. Thanks again again for taking the time out of your busy busy day to join us on our strange adventure indeed. I guess we'll talk to you next month till next time..

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