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32°. 9 40. Money news at ten and 40 past the hour brought to you by pen fed credit union. Great rates for everyone here is Larry koshki. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Tough talk from fed chair Jerome Powell put stocks in a tailspin. Powell opened the door to bigger, faster interest rate hikes as he appeared before a Senate panel. Down industrials plunge 575, the S&P lost 62, the NASDAQ tumbled one 45. Inflation rising interest rates and smaller raises are leaving consumers more pessimistic about their financial outlook, less than a third of people and a monthly Fannie Mae survey see their personal situation improving in the next year. Federal safety regulators are putting Norfolk Southern under the microscope. They are review of the railroad's organization and safety culture follows the 5th incident since December 2021, a collision in Ohio that killed a conductor this week. With the next iPhone still 6 months away, apple is adding a yellow version of its iPhone 14 to keep buyers interested. It'll be in stores next week. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Laurie kofsky, on WTO. Asian markets fall for the most part, Hong Kong is down two and a quarter percent South Korea's cost be one and a half percent lower. Tokyo stocks, though, are about a quarter percent higher. 9 42, 5 women in Texas are legally challenging the state's 6 week abortion ban after finding themselves on the brink of death after their pregnancies threatened their lives. A man disowns he needed an abortion after complications with her pregnancy left her in the ICU with sepsis My healthcare team was anguished as they explained there was nothing they could do because of Texas's anti abortion laws. The lawsuit claims that Texas fetal heartbeat act is created confusion among doctors

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