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Davis fell ill and is taking some rest in recovery time. We're talking about players that have not been talked about a lot but yet are needing to be discussed for their pot potential impact in so dave. Why don't you give us another player in the list. We've already gone over like players like eric. iran. Chris boswell trade turner. Who's next on your list. I've got tyson osceola and that's just because of who he's been with the steelers ever since he's been with the steelers he's not been that flashy guy and he's the kind of guy that you don't you don't miss them till he's not there in the steelers almost completely mr miss year but luckily they turn that around but he'll still such a crazy but he's someone people he's not a guy that people talk about and yes he's one of the oldest guys on the team but he's still out there getting the job done and if he's still out there stuffing the middle at nose tackle and also possibly filling in some when they're in sub packages Staying on the field. With until while stefan to it's on the i r. He's going to be an important guy and and will be very much appreciated when the regular season gets here. Think about what it would look like with two ago. I are if there was no tyson a little. I would be drastically different. And yes chris way healthy. He talked about how that's such a big deal for him compared to last season but he's not the same he's just not the same tyson. Lulu is a. He's one of those old guys has all the savvy. Veteran moves knows what to do in certain situations. So i agree with you. I think that absolutely A he deserves it. He doesn't get talked about a lot unless he has like a great game. He has ranking Hit ec is being on a defense on what we're talking about it. Is you have the starting group. Who do you think they're gonna be. If you're naming all three cam hayward we've vigor lulu it knows it's going to be warmly worm leading. He's going to be the other end. Yeah that's that's who it was in the preseason when they were all there like eve against detroit It was. I mean the the depth chart went warmly. And then mondale. And i don't think monday is gonna start but he's gonna get some playing time. 'cause jeffrey benedict i keep bringing him up and he kept pointing him out. And you'll see it if you check in tomorrow. What i have the full preseason. Pf scores for the steelers defense in an article. I like i said whether you like pf escorts or not but still that mondo was. He was up there because he he had a real good preseason absolutely so a lose good for that one for sure i'm gonna go with. Derek watt for my next one. And this is. This is weird early on. Maybe even going back to manage any everyone was talking about. Derek watt. oh my gosh. They're running derrick wahdan wheel routes all my gosh derek. Watches caught a pass on the sideline. Oh gosh derek watts being used a ton and then the preseason came and derek while wasn't used hardly at all he was basically what he was last year. I still think that they have a lot of this. Fullback stuff in there up their sleeve that they're going to do this season. I think the derek what is going to be utilized more as as as a blocker but also as a receiver as an option as an athlete. I hope he is. And i hope he's exceeds based on his salary in that my goodness if you're pay a guy that much you hope you get something out of it Do you think that was all smoke and mirrors. And let's just throw something against the wall and see if it sticks with derek water early in this off season or do you think that he could actually be an impact player on the offense. I mean he played eight offensive snaps in the preseason. I mean it's crazy that all of a sudden they're going to bring him out really start utilizing them i did. I don't know what to expect with them. And i really don't i. I mean as soon as i think they're going to do one thing then they don't they don't use them all all season and then they hand the ball off to him twice in the playoffs. No i don't even. I don't need to be day. A hand off be on the field and beat be started stuff honestly. There's so much mad canada's offense that they weren't really showing in the preseason because it went to that for all we know next we're gonna come out in a lineup where it's odd words nausea harris derek. Watts eric. Hebron pat fair and chase klay pole. And and you're like oh my goodness huge lineup. And they're going to spread them five wives. You know or something like that. I'm waiting for i some something crazy like that. You know what i'm saying. But i haven't seen it so we'll see i. I really don't every time i'd say that. Oh yeah. I think they'll use what more they don't. So i'm gonna say if you're not gonna use them at all. That's what i'm going to say. And then maybe get so. I live chats tarmac in the contract. We're not talking about that. But let's go down to brian's list. He put a player on here. That i was gonna not challenge him but ask him about. This player was talked a lot about this off sales cam sudden but he had him on his list as definitely impact player. I guess my question for you. Dave is how do you see them utilizing camden this year. Do you have him at the outside and moving in you have him staying on the outside trying to fill roles on the inside with someone else. What do you think is gonna do at that. Cornerback physician oh my goodness. That's the million dollar question. Do you know. I mean they have to put something on the inside. Whatever they're whenever they were going to that is mullet gonna be health. You know they brought him back. Is he healthy enough to do it. is like we said in the first part of the show. Is you know karl..

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