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I'm not taking any heat for this. I tell you that that Emmitt Smith Mark is just it's untouchable for the way that the NFL is the way that the league handles running backs. It is just it's not going to happen. And here's you leaving more years if he needs to. Frank Gore's 37 years old on this third all time. Adrian Peterson is 35 is that mentioned in fifth all time, Gore still has 3000 and eight yards to tie 3009 to break him and Smith. With the New York Jets and Lady on Belle there. I don't know how many opportunities you'll get, but he'll get some. He could. Maybe maybe in two years have a chance to pass Walter Payton for second, and I'm talking about Frank or but But this is what's what's amazing and this is why I say that the record is untouchable because once Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore do call it quits, and I don't think that they will pass him it, Smith The next active running back on the all time rushing list is Lashaun McCoy at 11,000 yards like that? He'd go. Hey, he go and think about this after that. Mark Ingram with 7000. So that's where you are in the NFL. The guys like you know Todd Gurley, who had great starts to their career. We see how they end up the 18 you know, 100 yard Russia for you know, three years is just it's not my will happen. I will having a National Football League. I will give you this Dan Dan. Buyer I will concede this to you. If Adrian Peterson or Frank Gore, don't break Emmitt Smith's record, not having it. I will agree that it's untouchable. It is It is Ted Williams hitting for 400. That's what it is. I mean, Ezekiel Elliott, who has had a great start to his career, and likely would have had four seasons of 1000 yards or more. To start his career. Without that six game suspension, not giving them a pass. Just numbers has 5405 yards, so he's 13,000 yards short. Of what ever it Smith has it. She said that it's amazing. And I think we were in that running. You know that running back era where you know Emmett did pass Walter Payton. But remember, we remember Walter Payton breaking Jim Brown's record and and having Barry Sanders come, you know, be one of the top running backs of ofall time, if not the best. Try to make a push. We? We grew up in that era. But now when you see how the NFL is, Yeah, it's just not happening..

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