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Oh i'm into a couple of things first of all to get the home phone number was a huge deal and then to establish the type of relationship where you felt comfortable calling them at home the second part of it is in the schools i worked at saint anselm boston university sienna adult by schools like that you know up and down the east coast we were driving so you know your day was built around making phone calls you know you can't have wasted days back in those days where you know maybe seen three kids and you're not sure you like any of them but there's no contact with the guys you know you wanna get so yet to know where every payphone was and every dunkin donuts because the reality is if you went to a game in jersey and you're going to get back to mitch new hampshire that night which were because the budget necessitated that you weren't gonna say many hotel rooms is the bottom line is the game is seven you know you're out there are nine you probably had forty five minutes to make phone calls so you weren't on the road until you try to get a couple recruits wherever you know a lot of nights as you know what was outside the gym the pay phone watch one guy playing trying to hit three other kids so you lived it i mean it was you know when your college assistant it you recruiting much more than your coaching so from those days in division two to division one thirteen years as an assistant and then the past five years cliff in charlotte as the head coach you are let go about two weeks ago mitch cup check took over as the new gm there was your sense when there was a change in new gm comes in maybe wants to bring his own staff in his own people will you surprised they let you go.

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