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We'll get a major boost at least one winning mega millions ticket is known in South Carolina. And that has been confirmed that it looks like that's the only winning ticket one make millions winner in South Carolina. Here's correspondent John Laurence. One point six billion dollars. That's how much the winning mega millions jackpot is worth so much. Yes, that's life changing money. The odds of getting all of the necessary numbers are incredibly long, and that's part of the mystique. Everybody's real up about it. I mean, people are like oh sure I won't win. But I wanted to be part of it. And you can never be sure you won't win. Somebody has to win millions of people, of course, are a part of it. But there's only one winner that's in the state of South Carolina. The leading candidates for governor. We'll have a TV debate tonight democrat, Gretchen Whitmer and Republican. Bill Schutte they'll face off in the studios of channel four the debate is at eight PM you can hear it on WJR WJR will simulcast governor's debate from local for the local four anchors devas Gillian. And Kimberly Gill will be the moderators of the governor debate on channel four and WJR tonight that'll be eight to nine pm campaign events are going hot and heavy yesterday. Laura Trump was in the area, helping Republican candidates Lara. Trump is a daughter-in-law of President Trump. Former President Obama will appear at a rally for Democrats Friday afternoon at Detroit Cass tech high school. The president tells the migrant caravan follow the legal process to get into America allow. These people that come into our country. You know, we have people millions of people that have worked for years to come into our country legally for years. All sorts of hell. Proudly be.

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