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Take steps for cures at a walk event near you support the one point six million Americans living with these diseases. Get started at CC take steps dot org. Rising rain chances by the end of the week. Could be some stronger thunderstorms at times, if you widely scattered thunderstorms possible tonight, lows in the mid sixties and a pop up store impossible Thursday. Nothing too widespread. Highs in the mid eighties better chance of rain and storms by Friday into Saturday and maybe a few severe storms to start the weekend. I'm meteorologist Mark sibito from the Weather Channel on San Antonio is official weather station, NewsRadio twelve hundred of you away. I rub Kerry Perry sword serving San Antonio pets and their people for forty two years. The VIN dot com is quickly becoming America's leading car buyer. Do you know how easy it is your car? Saturday may eighteenth. You're saying, Tonio FCC takes on tool so next seed for the whole squad, and top five dollar rum and cokes it all kicks off at seven thirty and Toyota followed by post-match concert with the clocks dollar beers and sodas for tickets and info. Twenty f c dot com or download San Antonio, FC apple after play match presented lecture play San Antonio FC together. Defense. At a great price, zero hassles zero stress just shopping eighties. Car Hyundai is twenty s for only fourteen seven fifty or twenty nineteen hundred Tucson SE SUV for only twenty thousand seven fifty and received this. Warranty lifetime roadside assistance to shop alone. Hyundai. Hyundai south are stumbled in. That's like forever with credit. Call eight six six seven two two seven to one for detail. Graduate classified nine twenty twelve glass of eight whatever year you graduated, there's a playlist, just for you at graduation playlist dot com hearing certain song can bring you right back to a moment in time. Tears. What was I thinking type of memories that pop into your head? But.

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