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W O, R news in Connecticut. Now, fear that a missing mother of five is victim of a violent crime. They found traces of blood in the new Canaan home of Jennifer Delos. She has not been seen since last Friday and neighbors are worried. It's affecting the area. I mean, you'd have to have a heart of stone, if it didn't affect you was going through a bitter, custody dispute and was worried about her husband harming her. He is not considered a suspect as yet, President Trump stepping up pressure on Mexico. He's imposing tariffs on all imports hoping to convince Mexico to stem the flow of illegal migrants, crossing the southern border hours after teasing. He was going to quote, do something very dramatic at the southern border drum then delivered that announcement via Twitter writing quote on June tenth United States will impose a five percent tariff on all goods coming into our country from Mexico, the president threatening to gradually increase. Tariff by five percent on the first of each month until it reaches twenty five percent in October. Or until the president says, quote illegal migrants coming through Mexico and into our country. Stop, Monaco Sarabi ABC news Washington bought market sharply lower as a result of those terrorists will check those numbers in just a moment. Meanwhile the investigation continues into how the Russia investigation began attorney general William Barr. Now speaking out attorney general is investigating the origins of the Russian investigation. And he has said that he does think the US government spied on the Trump campaign, but he's not willing to go as far as the president and call this treason. As a legal matter, Barr says the investigators did not commit treason, but his criticizing their behavior suggesting that they acted improperly, even though he has said that he's seen no evidence of wrongdoing. That's correspondent Mary, Bruce man facing charges now after allegedly attacking a lift driver in Queen video apparently shows, George Catalano from the backseat punching the lift driver. Over and over this is while the car was moving Catalano was. Rained on salt and reckless endangerment charges after turning himself into police the driver at WALDO relieved to hear that my message to him would be to help you know, that I was just trying to help lift says Catalano is now banned from using the ride service. I'm Scott Pringle, W, O argues history, made the scripts spelling bee, eight champions, ninety second annual Scripps, national spelling, bee ending with not one. You are correct..

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