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Grade and Greg sankey's office. We probably think I'm crazy saying what I'm saying. But you know, I do think that there is something to it, right? To having a scrimmage or a lead up game. And maybe that takes a shape of something in August where you play one of those games earlier in the year as a true preseason game as opposed to in the spring. Or something along those lines. But I do think that when you look at it, I mean, South Carolina, for example, last year played its spring game. It was barely even really a scrimmage, some of that because of injuries and they're just really weren't enough offensive and defensive line them to go around to run a full game. And at that point, you basically had the offense going 40 yards and in, did that for a little while, and then it turned into some red zone drills and things like that. So it's really kind of shifted away from an actual true game. Now there's a million reasons for that. Like you said, some of that you don't want quarterbacks getting hit. You don't want guys getting injured in the game that truly doesn't matter on any level imaginable. So I think that's part of it, but I do think that there is something to be said about, is there a way to make these games a little more interesting or spice it up? Or can you actually get a real match up or something along those lines? At that time of year. I mean, look at high school football, right? Across the south, there's all sorts of jamborees and things like that that go on during the spring. Is there a way to bring something like that to college football? I don't know. Maybe not, but I do think it's at least an interesting thing to kind of kick around. I'm glad you did. Speaking of spring, Ben, let's talk a little bit about what to expect. Beamer coming off of really an incredible year. I remember seeing you in Columbia on a cold Friday night and it seemed like the season was about over. The game cocks had just lost to Florida, I believe the week before. They went out and beat Tennessee the next day and then Clemson the week after that and everything has changed. So what's it look like for the upcoming gamecocks on the field? Well, you know, it's funny. I think when you and I were talking then in Colombia, I think at that point, I had just put in a prediction for South Carolina to lose something like 55 to ten to Tennessee or something along those lines. And I was joking with beamer after the game, but I think now the last three or four times I picked them to lose by four touchdowns. They've gone and won the game. So I don't know what it is with that, but I do think that folks are excited and you look at this team and this program and where things are at. I mean, it's hard to argue with the upward trajectory. I mean, they started 7 and 6 a year ago and one 7 games beat UNC and the duke's Mayo bowl in a season that frankly I and a lot of other stuff South Carolina might be lucky to win two or three games. You come off, you get to 8 and 5, beat Tennessee and Clemson and really had a really good shot to win that gator bowl. What was kind of lost in the shuffle of bowl season, but was a really great game and kind of a wild game. To get to possibly 9 wins. So I think that if your South Carolina, that's the range you want to be fighting for right now, right? If South Carolina is winning 8, 9 games, maybe not ten 11, but that's a standard that hasn't really been consistent here in Columbia really ever outside of Steve spurrier. I mean, obviously there were some good seasons in there and the 11 win seasons, three in a row, but outside of that, I mean, this is a program that hovers basically around 500. So if you're winning, even 7, 8, 9 games, like you're in a really good spot. And I think there's a lot of excitement around Shane beamer. I think bringing Spencer Rattler back, getting juice wells back and receiver. There's a reason to be excited. You're going to learn a lot about this team quickly between North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi and Tennessee and there you go seeing the schedule right there, Florida as well, really, really quickly. So South Carolina can get through that first half of the half of the schedule. It's somewhere around even three and two if they somehow get through it at four and two. I mean, they're sitting pretty heading into that back half. I'm going to slap myself for asking you considering the last prediction you gave us. You just got through expressing wrong, of course. So having said all that been, and nobody got that game right. What do you think? You laid out the first half of the season. What's realistic for the gamecocks? I mean, I don't think it's crazy to say that South Carolina can win 8 games next year. Excuse me. I think that this is a team that on paper they lost in pieces. I think they return about ten starters, so you're gonna have to replace about half the starters there, but there's a lot of experience. There's some pieces that I think are going to fit. They've got to figure out running back. They've got to figure out the defensive end. But I think when you, like I said before, when you look at this schedule, I mean, if South Carolina gets into the back half of the schedule with four wins, you feel pretty good about your chances against Missouri, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and even Clemson. And as we've got Jacksonville state and a and M there, who's after a lot of beat last year in Columbia in the Aggie. So I think that there's a world where this team's winning. 8, 9 games next year, know whether that happens. We'll see. I think the floor is probably somewhere around 6 ish, maybe 7. I think it would be a really big surprise. And frankly, a big disappointment at this team doesn't go to a bowl game, but I think Shane beamer is expressed it and folks here in Colombia have expected it, whether publicly or privately, that there's some excitement and they think this team can go. And I think even still, despite last season, can still sneak up on some people as well. Ben, port and I always fun conversation, bam, be well. Thank you for making time for us. We will hopefully see you very, very soon. Great stuff from Ben, one of our favorites. And we head to the break. We have a lot to do today. We'll update you on the NCAA term, not a whole lot happening right now. When near Cinderella story has gone down the drain with our kennesaw losing to Xavier, that was a close game and in fact it looked like it was Xavier was beaten. But other than that, not much happening compared to yesterday. We'll talk about yesterday and look ahead to tomorrow right

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