New York couple ordered to face trial for Sesame Place assault of employee, northeast of Philadelphia


Has ruled on your couple to stand trial for allegedly beating up a sesame place employees this summer. One of you's Paul. Curt says the ruling was made. Despite conflicting testimony. The prosecution's two main witnesses flipped the case on its head, raising questions about who slugged a 17 year old ride operator after a dispute over face coverings. At a preliminary hearing in Levittown, a coworker of the victim told Judge John Kelly Jr that 39 year old try. McCoy jumped a fence and sucker punched the teen from one side as he was being pushed from in front by 31 year old Shakira Bonds, But the ride operator testified that it was bonds who slugged him so hard. She knocked him out and broke his jaw. She's charged with simple assault. While McCoy faces the more serious offense of aggravated assault, Bondsattorney Keith McAndrew says he looks forward to pressing the victim on numerous details of his account. If you look at the criminal complaint, he's acknowledging that he initiated physical contact in this case. He denied it when he was on the stand today, So the stories were changing, even in the courtroom with these witnesses in Levittown on Paul Kurtz, K Y. W News, radio seniors and

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