Grading the Intel Era

Mac Power Users


Today we're going to dive deep a bit on how the MAC ended up on Intel chips and how that went and how it's ending in the near future. Yeah I thought this'll be fine. I'm also a sign that you agreed to the idea. Early. Talk for an hour and half about. Processors like yes let's do it. So yeah a little bit different than a normal episode, but it's not every day that the MAC makes a big transition, those of us who follow the Mac and really care about as a platform. This is big important stuff. So we thought we could take a week and and talk about this here. It could be very soon that we see the first apple silicon Mac Apple said definitely by the end of twenty twenty, and here we are in the middle of October. So it could be anytime I mean they they definitely, GonNa have an iphone announcement soon, and then the question is, are they gonna say oh, by the way, we also have the silicon new apple can Max? ARE THEY GONNA? Wait for another? Announcement for that but but it's happening and I do think that the history of Intel can really kind of give us a good idea of what to expect going forward. Yeah, absolutely. So let's let's Kinda start there with the switch to Intel. So this this took place a lot longer ago than I thought it was everything feels like it's ten years ago was not ten years ago it was fifteen years ago. At WBZ, two thousand and five I've got a bunch of links in the show notes to the stuff. As we talk, you can go find the resources. This is the same keynote that podcast added to itunes which is Wild. The same one account like that. Though kind of feels nice for this episode well, I feel like back then in hindsight, apple was moving a lot faster because. They're bigger company now bigger companies move slower but they were they're crazy stuff like every announcement and this is right in the heyday of. I. Tunes and ipod stuff every time apple got on stage not just WDC. Would they had music events and they had macworld still? I tunes and ipod announcements were always part of the story and anytime you are thinking about announcements on this timer watching videos. It's just ever-present because it was a a huge deal for apple necessarily what got them to the size they were before the iphone launch, and then of course from then to now, it's been a drastic drastic change but the ipod and they were really important in the in this sort of. Really from two thousand and three, a couple of years in maybe two, thousand, eight or nine when it finally started to fade to engage grounded the iphone ipod tunes just like we're on stage we're GonNa talk about the stuff. Yeah I went back and watched the keynote and first of all, I just forgot how comfortable Steve Jobs was as a presenter. He's just. So I I mean the thing that made him good was he was just so comfortable and. It looked like he was just having a conversation with you as anybody who does public speaking can learn a lot from that but. What I thought was interesting was the parody between things he was saying then anything's apple said a few months ago as they announced the apple silicon transition definitely a lot of echoes of this event at Wbz twenty twenty. Down to even some of the same language and as we move into the technology side of it, a lot of the tech is being. Reused or new tech is using old names at least this is. Something that apple definitely leaned on I think this time around and this even wasn't hells I processor switch they went from the sixty eight K series to the power PC series. And we're not really getting into that today that was a relatively rough transition and places. Basically, a lot of the system software HAD TO BE EMULATED FOR AWHILE? Apple's hardware is moving faster than it software than. But they finally got their act together. But at this point, in two, thousand and five, the power PC train had basically just run out of steam and it's it's no. It was no mystery as to why they wanted to do this to said actually been rumored for a little while not as heavily rumored as the apple silicon stuff I think but the apple was also a lot more obvious in this which Intel was because like. Apples at this hiding their own chips. Of course, they WANNA use them for everything. I mean, they were already making apple silicon in all their mobile devices and people could already benchmark them against Matt does just slap that thing in and call today you know. I'm sure it's harder than that I don't mean to be going into it but. You know to slap it in there and move on.

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