'So Hard To Prove You Exist': Flawed Fraud Protections Deny Unemployment To Millions


During the pandemic state unemployment systems have become a target for organized crime rings, they steal money through fraudulent claims but arguably a bigger problem is that some of the systems in place to prevent fraud like that have been hurting millions of innocent people. NPR's Chris Arnold reports when Sevi- guas lost his job as a food and beverage manager. Marriott Hotel near San. Jose he figured locale apply for unemployment. This was back in March he went online put in his info waited for weeks couldn't get through on the phone after more than a month he was told to mail and more proof of his identity mind driver's license picture of my past poor copy of my w. two she said the more documentation that I could put. In there to prove who I was would help out my case out his case Gouache had clearly lost his job with a big company had ide- what was the problem but this dragged on and on weeks would go by they need another documents and six months later, gouache still hadn't gotten any unemployment money manny can't find another job I had about seventeen. Thousand dollars saved gouaches thirty two years old, and he'd been saving up to go back to community college to try to become a computer programmer. He moved into a smaller apartment to save money but he still had to drain that entire savings for college. There's not enough left to pay rent next month to watch what I worked really hard to get dwindle away. I don't WanNa get angry in front of you for the interview. But it has been really really frustrating and the whole thing to seem so Kafka ask avoidable to him. It's so hard to just prove that you exist in California alone millions of people are having a hard time proving they exist as they struggle to get the unemployment benefits that they deserve and it turns out washes right? A lot of this was completely unnecessary.

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