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Are you to tell them like all sorts of shit and she, she is still, yeah, man. Like, why would you respond to that. I don't know where Nick Manashe is going out. She's dating him in them now. Right? Yoshi was good in barbershop, barbershop, three that she's in. She's in barbershop. Three. I haven't seen as like, yeah, she's in that. So Takashi. Six. I mean, Eminem is dating little Kim. I mean, little man, whatever they want. No more. Whatever I'm touching right now. It's crazy. It's got me saying shit. I wasn't even talking about not or not. Glacier. Something human Oslo, Kim. Like you were supposed to say making manashian you said little Kim, right? Because we talked about earlier all the Freudian slip. John. Who. You're throwing those cottage words that mean you just trying to make sure that Miami Dade 'em bitch bottle the fuck that me. Yeah. Like seriously ledger, said FAU education over there. School. I think it was on the little brothers. Aw, you ever lose a little brother. No stop inventing shit. Like why do y'all rappers in my life? Drake's album is off. Music. Nobody knows. And they took it down from the UK to the u. k. can't play it either. Really. They're saying like, supposedly, they're saying two point over to this album coming out or something over over getting all kinda yards ponds. Harvey on petty. Just a file the file a shit. It's not even file you could save no more. Bought the album. Got wiped off my phone still in housing. That's crazy. They wiped out, but. But I didn't fuck. I have apple. I liked Drake. What I've never. I've only bought one city which was not really. What did you buy? I was really a gift, so I read it in, but. When's the last time you paid for an album. Fuck y'all. Remember now never. It's been a lot. Berm CD's third grave. Yeah, third grade, I learn how to make. I fucked fucked with like the the cover booklet because I like no, who played the saxophone. Credit. The photos gala. Dope. Have almost Ford in the shit. That is crazy a, you know, I was watching a TV show the other day. It just started. You guys know that used to be on police academy, Bob cap goal wire. I don't know how to say the dues name. You ever heard him with crazy voice. You ever seen the movie police academy old eighties nineties movie. I'm horrible. About those rappers who we don't understand. Have you ever seen police academy. Okay. This is guide that there was one of them in the in the movies that would always make these crazy voices. The guy was crazy Bob cat. How did you say his name? Bob, cat gold wire Galway go away. Bob cat. Go with these. The comedian. Do y'all got to see sorry to bother you as a movie in the movies but concerned about? Yeah, that should just, oh, it's a good as movie. Hold on. Hold on. Hold that back because I wanna see it. I've been looking for movies to wanna watch, but I found this TV series of started. It's on its third episode. It's like this dark comedy, and the first one was the first episode was about a cartoon. Bear that came out and tried killing, what's the guy that does the little red have man, Seth, green, Seth green is like on the first episode and there's a cartoon bear trying to kill him and he pleased the voice. But at the end just goes crazy cuts. His tongue off like it is completely insane is dark comedy, and Bob cat Goldway does. I guess he just comes up with these like random stories like black mirror. Remember we're talking about black, mirror crazy. It's something like that to that effect, but just like a dark comedy version of those shows are awesome. Like goals. Yeah. Rick. You know, I keep hearing I've already a little bit. I sing funniest foot out on Bobby Tarantino to that's the intro album. Fuck you didn't bring your laptop. Did you. Your evil..

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