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Hundred fifty bucks in therapy this week you guys legco you're welcome it will live with a lot of different things in fifteen minutes and i apologize the listeners vital thing oh i think we we we will pick it up next week thank you god bless you we do tim nbc no problem is that as she wants you to israel i think that has a winter up first world problems single problem i think we made some great progress leaving behind you can you can be a renegade rock chuck and where cpap the blaze for your arm leg exactly fight w l us sports is the bulls thunder in oklahoma city tonight our pregame show starts about fifteen minutes from now steve cash will hit but seven here on wls couple of changes is expected to the starting lineup for the bulls and the thunder chris deng expected to get to start at point with justin holiday in town here be with his wife and new baby quincy pond extra gets the go instead of paul zipser spencer adams out for the thunder carmelo anthony will play blackhawks that i do they get the rangers at home bears in lion's coming up sunday danny treve thin out of practice day kyle long limited and ezekiel elliott will drop all remaining appeals and serve the rest of his suspension that's five more weeks so he comes back christmas eve against the seahawks e3 ucla players help for shoplifting in china have been suspended indefinitely by head coach steve alford indian started corey kleuver was enhances the al cy young award winner tonight he becomes the first a twotime winner in that franchises history max sure through the nationals thing the nl cy young mvp awards come out tomorrow in that wraps up a ward season in major league baseball on all the white sox and the bulls on mcknight wls sports on the roads evens out to lake cook sixteen minutes inbound from lake cook fifty the kennedy out to the junction twenty two o'hare thirty five inbound from o'hare to downtown an hour ten from the junction in 20 as an hour out to wolf at forty two thorndale fifty inbound from thorndale to downtown now are seventeen wolf finish fifty one these stevenson out to the tristate forty out to the.

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