Lexicon Valley, John Mcquarters, Larry discussed on Slate Presents Lexicon Valley - Is There a Jewish Way of Talking?


Lexicon valley is brought to you by the great courses plus learn about topics that interest you all taught by awardwinning experts sign up for a free month of unlimited access by going to the great courses plus dot com slash lexicon and had space download the head space apt train your mind for a happier healthier life learn more at head space dot com slash lexicon i welcome again to lexicon valley slates podcast about my which or language in linguistics because i teach linguistics at columbia and i'd like to say that word in any case i'm john mcquarters and this week is going to be like come member how in the seventies when a sitcom was failing they would bring it together with some other sit comments are different strokes and hello larry would get together and arnold and whoever the young anyway so that was the sort of thing that would happen you'd have that kind of very special episodes this is a very special episode of lexicon valley except lexicon valley at least in my opinion is not failing and either is the wonderful podcast unorthodox but i've got the unorthodox votes in here with me and we're going to do a joint show about jewish language hoodoo do i mean well we have mark oppenheimer heimark mark hi i like to think of it as family ties goes to england for example for example yeah although did they meet the cast of some other show our there now they brought in you know a street urge and they got another baby and undermine our england and that's how they staved off who fell in love because by then i had stopped what think mallory hada and would have been a liaison.

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