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Is here. J. Kerschner is here. The ladies have taken over and that's why we gotta talk about Fred Segal. If any of you have seen TV shows movies if you've been to California In the Beverly Hills area all over the West side. Fred Segal is one of those stores that the well to do love to shop at. I've been into Fred Segal, I think just once in my life and it scared me, so I had to leave because it was expensive. There were very few things. I'm very comfortable losing myself like in Iraq at Cole's somewhere, but scarcely, but it's a beautiful store. If you get a chance that they're the type of story that actually has a restaurant so you can go and have a glass of wine. You could spend the day it becomes an experience. And the founder, Fred Segal, passed away over the weekend. So little bit of sad news. The store obviously will continue on and certainly the brand to the legacy of Fred Segal. Is here to stay. But a passing of someone who became an icon in not only L, a in the for tourism, but also for people in the fashion industry who loved to go see the latest trends at Fred Segal. Well, it's interesting, too. When you see I didn't know this, But, you know, he was one of the first people in America to dress the Beatles and Diana Ross was it and the Jackson five and Elvis Presley and Farrah Fawcett. I mean these air He was. He was really, you know, in terms of entertainment and like, you know, kind of rock and roll. He was very influential. And apparently, we can thank the world we can thank him for the world wearing velour, juicy couture sweat pants for that chunk of Early two thousands, because apparently he's the one who put them in his store and s. Oh, yeah, It's really It's interesting. I'm I was telling you guys off the air My only I've never been to the store. But my only recollection, really, and acknowledgment of it is from legally blonde when Elwood says she prevented Cameron Diaz from buying a heinous orange angora sweater. But other than that, that's that's my only my only real knowledge of it, but certainly seems like he was definitely an icon. Definitely Nikon kind of like, if you if you ever watching the old TV shows from the fifties, Max factor was a person a makeup artist before Max Factor, Right, became a brand of makeup in the same thing with Fred Segal..

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