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Judy, what was your question before the break? Yeah. I. Wanted to go back on legality of ownership and if a dog needs, you know life saving surgery that's too expensive for the owner to afford it's just thousands of dollars and they don't pay for it. They can't pay for it. What happens to the dog who's responsible to save its life? Does it get repossessed in what happens then? Request question it's It's ultimately depends on what the term the small print in the contract says These companies don't want to repossess an animal what they would rather do typically they'll have either he's lender itself or a vendor that they hire for collections will work with the purchaser. In, this case too restructure the agreement so that maybe you're not paying as much but the terms are extended Basically, they're going to try to get into another contract to make it I mean above for both sides in theory of mind you. It's not a mean. Not Amenable to the on the PET The person is harboring animal woman the other in my opinion. Not In the in the business of taking care of animals. Absolutely. Correct. So there's one company it's called WAGS so far they've service sixty, six, thousand pet leases. which is a lot and they say and not to us because we called for an interview when they turned us down. And they turn most people down by the way for interviews. They say, they have never repossessed pet ever, which makes me wonder what Kinda teeth these loans really have. It's probably true that they've never repossessed an animal because again, what they'll try to do is work through a collection agency to encourage the purchaser the Lisi to to restructure the deal. So that more affordable for them again in the short term in terms of monthly payments or what have you. But at the end of the day, the deal isn't going to be they're still going to be paying two to three times the amount. That they originally signed up with paying retail. These animals go at retail for anywhere from two thousand to you know twenty, five, hundred, thirty, five, hundred dollars maybe you even more depending upon the breed and if you're paying three times that amount of the end of term plus a balloon payment at the end actually owned the animal. That's that's real money. I would say that's the predatory practice. Absolutely. And it's not just about leasing although you know I'm dealing with the leasing center right now it's about the nature of the industry in general This is a money making industry this owned property quote. UNQUOTE IS A. sentient entity that is not a chair television doesn't shouldn't have to be repossessed And it isn't something that you just forget about after like a couple of years and put it to the curb. This is a long time commitment for people people care deeply about their animals So to the extent, we can point that there wouldn't be this pressure to sell these animals for all this money. If you didn't have this this wholesale high volume breeding environment that you know kind of coughing all of these animals into these retail systems, the system is broken it's not readily regulated not regulated in gaining away by the Federal Government Usda, as a matter of fact. Right now as making it very difficult for the public to get information from them, regarding the source of these animals. So I'm sure it hard if you're looking at making an animal up there obviously were. suggesting that as you did that, we adopt them shelters, Investi organizations not purchase retail but if you did and wanted to find out the source of the animal or the history of the the breeder that is sent this animal to the pet store, and it's very difficult to do. knowledge is gene power and I. Encourage Anybody who has a voice anybody can put information out there to the public. Informed them about the nature of the industry large and certainly about these unfortunate predatory practices that retain are using to help aid in the bed the industry do you think the answer is making pet stores sell or you know have dogs only from rescues and shelters? Has An excellent question we are leaning towards supporting. That type of environment under certain circumstances. We are generally willing to provide. For I guess what I'll call the PETSMART model, which is that a retail environment can provide space for a nonprofit shelter or rescue organization for adoptions, but we don't WanNa turn shelters and rescues into retailers ultimately. So there's a there's a little. There's a lot of new ones there that I won't get into but. It under the right circumstances I. Think there would be a comfort level with that. It has to be done very, very carefully and had mentioned petsmart. There are other stores that do this. So that I'm not saying don't shop at pet stores because there are pet stores that bring in the local shelters and the local humane societies to adopt great animals out. Yes. Absolutely. If you WANNA learn more, where can is there a website absolutely www dot aspca dot org. Bill Catcher. The senior director of ASPCA government relations. Thank you so much for your hard work and for talking with us today. Thanks so much for having me it's definitely my pleasure. Okay. On the way just a few minutes Gideon kid he's making his mission to pet as many dogs as he can. He's he's pet least three, hundred and forty so far excel. Yes. Amazing. We're GONNA find out we're going to talk to him. We understand he's pretty witty and he's coming up next hour right here on animal radio you're listening to animal radio. If you missed any part of today's show, visit us at animal radio dot com or download the animal radio APP for Iphone Android..

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