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Numerous takes. Because he's grinning seen this. i think. That's kinda hilarious. It's sort of like you know what it reminds me of kim. You originally the blob. Back to nineteen fifty sometime with stephen steve mcqueen when the when they are running out of the theater wlob's attacking the theater and they've got the whole crowd the crowds giggling and laughing the whole time as a running because they're they think it's uncertain silly and it's like well. Why are you having such fun with this. And i think that's what it is with With tom cruise is he. He's just having such a time of his life. he can't stop. That million dollar grew up there. You know. I just can't stop. Smiling reminds me. It reminds me of a story. I heard about what they were doing. The star wars prequels They kept blowing takes You mcgregor and Keeton christianson and even samuel jackson kept blowing takes because they were making the lightsaber noises. Those later they're like guys. You can't do that. You're kind of detracting. From the overall ambiance of the movie we remember the head banging stormtrooper. Yes yep yep. That was horrible. It would be like it'd be like they're making the next. John wake movie and kiana was on second pew pew pew pew pew pew pew. Look a little silly all right. So does anybody care about the oscars. I think they'd be do a little bit. I mean the the big thing that i want to highlight this week. Is the oscar shorts. They got those out in in the inner city. Been theaters for most of april Finally getting around to highlighting them. Because i got thrown off the schedule. Because they're everything's delayed but there were five You know there's five nominees in each of the blocks. There's animation there's live action. There's documentary and i just personally love short films. And i think that they give a real eclectic look at things and nobody makes money on these things. It's a short films their labors of love. And that's what makes them fascinating to watch because you can sample a whole bunch of different unique stuff that you didn't even know existed so They're available now if you go to shorts dot tv that'll tell you the closest theater and when the blocks are showing it also gives you options for streaming at home and downloading them yourself. And you know kevin seriously remiss. If i didn't say i didn't mean to denigrate the oscars and by extension all the great work that you did and rudy. My puppy agrees woman. I don't know what he's all up in his grill about something. But i just wonder. Is it going to go. The route of has it has in the past as so many other awards shows that basically. It's just kind of like inside baseball. And then we get lectured on how we are as a human race. And i've always said when it comes to the speeches they can. They can pitch amway during their speeches for all. I care because you've earned that time so you know. I don't get up in arms that people are using that time to make a point. And you know that's that's that's that's their prerogative. It's when people sort of take the option to do it. But i think he's going to be different because they're doing virtual ceremony with presenters. I think the last thing people wanna watch now is another zoom call. But you are getting that with these. So i think i've always said what the oscars they need to go. Leaner not bigger. They need to say. Let's make an hour long and blouse through to make it go quick instead of padding it out. I mean it's not the seventies anymore. Yeah and i think you make a very good point. Kevin car fat guys at the movies. That guys at the movies dot com. Thanks for going into the dust or the weeds as the case this morning. Always appreciate it. Thank you have a great weekend. Are you do eight fifty nine thirteen ten. Kfi k. The power trip weekdays at eleven on thirteen ten kfi k. Donate to the live united thirteen ten of by texting. Kfi all caps two two six nine eight nine. Give up to one hundred dollars and you could win a sign. Pair.

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