Finding Abundance with Essential Oils


By Hey Katie how are you? I'm good. How are you saying I'm good I'm super excited that you're here. You've been on the show before, but for those that don't remember Katie Dear Donna she is my personal mentor in young living and she is a young living gold leader soon to be platinum right Katie. Yeah. We're getting there have a few things to in placed. dipper close well as I've already told my audience, we don't talk about the business side of essential oils very often but today's just a special day and we're going to embrace it, and that's all we're going to talk about for this episode and I can't wait for everyone to kind of hear your story and get inspired and also come away with some really good practical advice as well. Her how to share their love. Of essential oils with others whether that be to get help getting their products paid for or for those that are really trying to make a huge financial change in their lives. So thanks for being here today Katie I really appreciate it pleasure I'm excited. Let's start out and talk about what is your background a little bit I mean did you ever think that you would be the owner of a successful essential oil business? No No. I definitely did not. Gosh in college I studied anthropology and Third World Development and focused on African studies. I had just gotten back from spending some time in Uganda and just thought that I wanted to focus on I. Went Back to school later on to study epidemiology and International Hol because I knew I wanted to help people and I was interested in health. But I really thought that I would be living in the Bush somewhere in Africa helping with basic health means like clean water in nutrition definitely didn't ever think I would be a business owner. So this is definitely a surprise to me but. I learned a ton about natural health and prevention when I got sick myself at the end of college I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. I could barely walk to inform class and I was at on nine different medications at one point just to help function and get through the day. My liver wasn't happy and so I started looking into natural ways to support my body and several years later in my healing process I found. My Dad has always been an entrepreneur though so I think it does run in our family. He is a pharmacist, but he's really an inventor at heart and when I was a kid, he had a home business called homestead products and services and beehives out of this property and we made so person our basement and then moved into the garage and the business grew we rolled beeswax candles and then my sisters and I were take all that stuff to the farmers market on Saturdays to sell, and we helped in the garage with shrink wrapping so and packaging the so. It was our little family business that he was always really interested in having us all kind of work together and have a family business and ironically enough now, all these years later, my entire family is involved in the business side of young living, which didn't happen right away. But I have three sisters who are now also building their own businesses and recently my parents are both gotten on board to build as well. So we're all working together to do this is a family, and then we all joke about how this is the family business at always wanted. That's so cool. So what does your oil business mean for your family? Why did you start this in the first place slider using oils in Chevy wary of twenty fourteen and I was pregnant with my second baby And initially, my dream was to be homeless run kit and when they were little and I just really struggled to have a vision for how that could ever happen because we've been so much financial debt with my Grad school loans and I just didn't think I'd ever be able to pay those off in my lifetime and I would talk to my husband Joe about it and just cry about how desperately wanted to be home with my kids and he was sympathetic and he'd say I'd love for you to do that but I don't see how that can happen financially so. When I made the decision to pursue the business side of young living I was on maternity leave I had a two month old baby and it was July first twenty fourteen. He also had gay bright. You had eve two months and then Gabe, was how old yet Gabe was almost two and a half without the outside, very active two and a half year old toddler boy and two month old baby girl and someone was running a young living boot camp to learn about the business side of things. So it started July I I remember sitting down writing in my journal like this is it. I'm going to invest myself in this. This is my opportunity to be home with my. I just wanted for and. By the time basically I had put the money away in savings knowing that grant I was working on was gonNA end and my business grew quickly enough that as my savings dwindled my young living income increased and by the time I was done I was making enough with your living to be able to be home and I never actually had to look for another job

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