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Well i think the most important tick away here is that there's so much more now that i think we still don't know and need to know you know i think when the when the stormy daniels news i started breaking i think a lot of thought it was just a sort of salacious distraction but more and more every day that goes on with every one of these developments you know it seems like these are all actually part of the much larger puzzle here and just to what extent there was foreign money and foreign interest being peddled either directly or indirectly to you know the trump universe through michael cohen guys frankly i think you know we're just at the tip of the iceberg now with regard to what we know and and what we can you know what we're going to find out the in terms of legal exposure we'll just walk us through this for a bit because i mean look hustling clients by suggesting you can get them access yes to a new administration you know that's kind of what k street lobbying for do right for a living so i mean is there something about the way michael cohen went about this that makes it more problematic or inviting for federal prosecutors so i think it's too soon to tell but certainly there's enough smoke there to at least mixer there isn't a fire i mean it's certainly the case that you know pay to play as a sort of old standby of washington politics and we should say i mean the supreme court you know made it a lot harder a couple years ago in the bob mcdonald case to actually successfully bring federal corruption prosecutions for the not that dissimilar pay to play arrangements i think there are couple of differences here that could elevate this above and beyond the run of the mill case the first is you know a lot of this money is foreign money and we're foreign money is implicated there.

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