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Turtles kids so i didn't have the head of all the military man listen i. I had to bring up a message that one of our colleagues left and slack. I will not out who who it was but they sort of you know. We're getting behind paramount's thinking they're like sure henry golding. This guy's handsome recognizable. He's increasingly popular. Let's put would've buying a mask and it's like this is a good and bad choice for him. It's a good choice because there's probably a little bit of money attached catch this role. Maybe two or three million i would say this is seems like his biggest payday <hes> and good for him you know henry golding has earned this moment <hes> do i think the snake is is a good career move for him. Absolutely absolutely not wow this is a a a b level or c. Level franchise absolutely lulu especially without the rocker bruce willis and then to change that but where it is right now i would agree with you and especially with robert swanky attached to direct that is not yeah swanky. He's okay but but he doesn't really knocked me out. I would not have done this if i was henry henry golding but i also understand why take a page. There's not a lot of feature roles for asian actors now. Though you gotta take what you can get to get to the this is not a role for four an asian actor nicolas hoult just as he's under the under the mass he probably just didn't want to be under you can put this on your resume as an actor this. I'm the lead in a franchise which is film and gray for diversity and inclusion but what happens if it fails. I shouldn't have done it. I mean it's it's the risky run run with signing onto just about any franchise now <hes> just to give you a little more information on this film. According to t h are the script is said to center on snake is seeking revenge for his his father's death by joining a ninja clan in the process of finding acceptance all right. We have more to cover as little block here so i want to bring up a question from the live chat from steve calderon who's asking what are your thoughts on. These theories that henry golden's character in last christmas is an angel or ghost. If you noticed in the trailer we only see him min scenes with amelia clark yup yup and she says you you're never around what i'm looking for you just kind of pop up so as soon as all the trim wait a minute and you get that so. I'm glad that everyone else figured that out but geoffroy figured it out first because nobody figures it out. I know one thing move in general the opportunity to like try to discover it for myself. The first headline i saw was oh did they just give the twist away and then and you know the little blurb underneath basically gives it away so always. We didn't think this was the twist moving. The twist. I thought is that is that she is sana anna well. She does michelle yeoh the boss she doesn't do that would be a fund santa claus playing santa claus captain georgia. I don't know if it's like lake in the store more of like a like almost like a supernatural approach if but if that was the spin and the trailer makes you think that he's actually an angel when she is in fact santa claus i would be all for that look. I'm it's certainly possible when she's getting wheeled in. She has dark brown hair. What what is she when she's in most of the trailer. It's the light brown issue on that hospital bed the whole film having this whole like fever dream about this relationship in henry buildings. Thanks for guardian angel. Her parents are in and michelle yeoh. Maybe god even and trying to steal her back into life and what you can do with a life when she comes out of this thing i i like the trailer a lot more than i learned to store. I think it's the most appealing amelia clark has been to me i think ever because i'm not a big fan of hers hers but i'm still confused as to the george michael elements of this movie was designed like george michael musical titles literally as george michaelson greg lamb saw okay and they play freedom at the end of the trailer. Get that how how these two things go together. I think this was the point of making they wanted to make it a george michael music inspired films. There's a lot of songs on here that apparently the soundtrack that are gonna have never been heard before. I guess it's also because it feels so different from other other movies in a similar vein that we've gotten this share. Let's say blinded by the light which is coming up in <hes> <hes> not rocket man. What am i thinking yesterday yesterday where it is a direct reference to let's let's say the beatles so maybe it's just a different approach way of using an artist music without having to do a bio-pic yeah. Yeah we do have one more story in this block to get to and it's something that actually really broke right when we were wrapping up movie talk yesterday and i was bummed. We didn't get to talk about it. Then so harry styles has turned down the role of prince eric in disney's live action remake of the little mermaid so given the fact that we were just discussing whether or not we thought it was a good move for henry golden. Take the guy's role. Do you think this was a good or bad decision on styles houses part to pass on this opportunity. You wanna universe sure. I kind of liked this idea. I liked that. He passed on it. You know you talk to me about a boy band singer trying to be an actor and i merely go get out of here with that stuff. Show me something he he had a small part in in <hes> dunkirk and did all right. If you're trying to break out of this boy band connection maybe going into disney film as where you wanna go maybe going into the independent film route little more grittier. Little dirtier type filmed a role rather. Maybe you want to do that and so maybe stepping into maybe any that elvis film was that too so stepping into something that you're going to be the love interest and you're going to deal with this idea of like well. We wanna make this very female. Centric more empowering powering than the original animated film then maybe you're only seen as an object rather than a character fully fleshed out and you can really show your acting skills so to me maybe that was his way of thinking and i kind of applaud him moving off of that for that reason reasonable <hes> thought process there is that opportunity is on on the horizon for him because repairing little mermaid snake is if you want to establish yourself with a big movie before going onto you know using acting cloud to swing your weight around and get other smaller projects. Little mermaid is the way to go about it. That is the safe bet especially compared to snake eyes. I was i was the little surprised by but not one hundred percent. I guess i'm mixed on it overall. <hes> i understand wanting to turn it down wanting to do something a little bit edgier. I i think yes that he thought he may be may have gotten that elvis. Movie was probably pretty disappointed when he didn't. He doesn't need the money you know. I think think i think he wants to be paired with hollywood's classic leading ladies like this was emma stone as the little mermaid i i don't think he would turn it down but to be romantically paired with halle bailey who hasn't really doesn't doesn't have a lot of experience. I could see why he may not wanna beezer that take is your fault if there's check that i want to be working with like hollywood's top actresses. Why don't you have to earn that position. Russian for god's sakes ephron can't even do that one hundred percent and he's like got way more credibility than harry styles as an actor. Maybe it'll be the guy who comes in in and takes over this role a bad choice. I just want him for like being in a disney movie directed by rob marshall and having some of these other people that's not good enough. I love also like we can't necessarily say that that is exactly right here like if i was harry styles i i don't don't know that i would want to. I want more experienced co star. I think that's that's why i think like an agent and a manager and that's why you turned it down rocca. That's right turned it down for something better and you know what because i believe in myself and i know something better is coming along moving onto his story that we can then actually backup courtesy of some jeff snyder reporting. We have sure located in this story no reporting from john rocca okay. Do you dare wanted like thi. This talk is going to direct an interactive haunted house movie for amblin jeff. Tell us about it. I was coming off of crawl. <hes> which was a modest hit. This summer made about sixty million worldwide on a budget of thirteen. He is going to work with the haunting hill host guys mike flanagan and geoff howard as well as collider nick simon. This is an interactive horror movie so basically it's a choose your own adventure style thing they're working with this company keno industries and they have this control movie be technology and it's basically an app that you'll be asked to download before you go into the movie theater and the entire. I will then be able to vote on their phones for what they want to happen. It'll change what what happens in the film. It'll change the ending. It'll change the potentially the running time so this is obviously an experiment. It's a bit of a gimmick but i like it because i think that you need to do things like that to compete with these giant disney ten polls and also the relative easy accessibility of streaming services. You know this. This'll be a lower budgeted. Film haunted house this movie but i don't know i think it sounds fun to me. I am all for this idea. I was reading your report and admittedly when i hit the point where it said an app app for your phone. My red flag went off and i was saying to myself before even continued on with the article and really thought about it. I do not want cell phones in my movie theater ever ever ever bought applied in this case thinking about because we're always talking about how important it is to have the communal vibe especially when you're seeing something like a horror movie to have that be ah shared experience with a whole bunch of strangers. I don't know that just sounds so exciting to me that yeah bring in the cellphones. If that's what it takes to make it happen the the history of the world is littered with people who took something that irritated other people and turned it around to make it work for them and this sounds like that kind of situation who is isn't irritated by seeing someone to turn on their cell phone in the middle of a movie and do whatever and play a game which i've seen before during movies insane or text imagine turn that in i'm having that understanding that you can't stop the tide of that and go. How do i take advantage of that situation. Oh let me have them iraq with their cell phones during a movie while they're watching something that that is brilliant to me. There's a certain kind of brilliance to that. I do wonder if there's some sort of functionality where the app can at least you know like do things like automatically. Dim your screen in lock you into the app for the entire movie because that is something that i really wouldn't want to happen. If you can use it you could use the app for the sake of the movie but i don't want someone when and the choices over to go on over to twitter and start scrolling through so i hope whatever app component they come up with has some restrictions to it. I mean if someone wants to be on twitter in a movie. They're going to be on twitter and movie. That just sucks for the person next to them. I suppose unless they're sitting next to me. I just think i obviously they're going. I think you need to present the audience with a choice. Every few minutes just like a black mirror. Bander snatch did to keep them engaged so those phones probably we'll have to stay out but you know everyone's going to have their head down voting at the same time you know so then they go back to the movie to see what their choices is dictated and i don't know i i think it could work. Do you guys remember doing this. In the nineties. <hes> there was like this movie. It was either mr payback or mr jealousy or something like dad was mr payback. You don't remember they had actual devices in the theater so you would like hit a button on a console attached to your seat and the audience would vote it and you'd get the ending or whatever would happen. I think this is obviously the next wave of and spielberg and his company be the one driving you know. I think it's it sounds pretty cool. If there's any team behind something as ambitious as this the group that you just named in this piece. I am all for it i really do. I believe that if anyone can pull it off. It's this group right here guys. I hope you enjoyed this supersized addition of collider movie talk as always. I must thank my panelists jeff in roker. Thank you for being here. During the live chat ataman the booth back there and leaving you guys now i am off to north bend washington but guess who's going to host the show the next today's that guy right there have fun. You're in good hands. 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