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Morning show hosted our affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina. Newsradio ninety four three WSC joins us again this week Kelly. Give us an update as to what things are like this morning at Charleston. I gotta tell you, Gordon. Good morning. I might have set the record straight. I am with Mike Gavin. No reasons with their smoked salmon, and I beg to differ with Katie hill messy is best when it comes to food. How much we love our food in the low cut and messy at that. Well, so speaking of messy, we are, of course, this is the phase where are -mergency operations officials say all right. It's hunker down. Phase your time to get out as over certainly. They don't want people on the roadways as winds pick up here in the low country and beyond around the Charleston area. It looks this morning like our threat is is changing much like this entire storm has been absolutely nerve. Vacuum for forecasters and for us it looks like our neighbors to the north of about an hour who were under a hurricane warning. Now in Georgetown county Macy the worst of this tropical storm force winds, which is why they're under a hurricane. Warning. We are under a hurricane watch at this point. And what it really looks like is the water threat, and when our emergency operations officials bring out the coroner to start talking about ways, you can die in floodwater. It gets really serious here in besides a general term like drown. What are the threats that they indicator there? Well, what really gets me is our our corner has been a part of the local people, you know, grew up here like guy date, even though I worked out of market and came back. She has been here Ray Wooten, she's a very motherly bordering on grandmotherly woman. And so just imagine a very sweet southern woman explaining how you know. When you get caught in floodwaters, don't try to stand keep floating. You know, when when we see fatalities and flooding it's because of blunt force trauma to your body. I mean, she's just cry being all of these things, and I'm thinking my goodness in all my years of covering these storms in Gordon the business going at twenty two years, and I've covered storms, you know, for many of those in well for all of those. But she I I've never seen that. I've never seen a coroner come out. And explain the ways to not be stupid in in flood waters, and that's coming from somebody in Charleston, right, which is used to this stuff. In a really, of course, she she goes back to what people can remember nineteen eighty nine inch Hugo and how devastating that was even though we we've had many events in the last three years. I mean, Joaquin just came in drenched in sat on us. And we kept that was three years ago. And you know, we all dubbed it ourselves in year flood event because it was so epic and it sat on us, and we had really to events happen. Because not only did it drenched to the low country with, you know, twenty thirty you know, we didn't hear the forty inches until Harvey happened in Texas, but then came all of the roll down from the Midland's and upstate where that storm went and sat after it left our area. So it was a two prong thing. And we're all of our officials are warning us. You know of that as well. We're speaking live this morning with Kelly golden morning show, hosted our affiliate in Charleston, South Carolina. Newsradio ninety four three WNYC talking, of course about hurricane Florence. Is. It scary at this point or Charles stone. Used to this. I think it depends on when you moved here. So we have a lot of new folks moving to the low country as our popularity ramps up and being number one on every list in the world and friendly and so on so I think for people who are weathered and seasoned. I mean, I, you know, I'm a tween writing out Hugo and my house in nineteen eighty nine. I've chased storms in Florida. The worst that we've ever seen in two thousand four hundred thousand five there's not panic. Of course, I I've seen a lot of people, you know, they're preparing. But a lot of people I think true to the low country have stayed and that's really concerned, of course. Emergency officials because you know, what we'll see next. We'll see people getting cabin fever. They're losing power for extended amount of time. They're gonna start rooming out in win their floodwaters, then you could get trapped in your car. And you know, it just goes on from there like a domino effect of those folks been told that that they will not be. Priority. Absolutely. Was the number one reason why they pulled the, you know, sweet motherly grandma motherly coroner out yesterday to say as she literally probably Gordon for five minutes talked about how awful it is to for them to have to pull themselves off the street at forty miles an hour because that's what I do to stay safe themselves explaining the calls. They get to nine one one thing. I can't breathe. She said, you don't know how horrific that is for us to have to endure like begging people to please not do. Don't put us or yourself in the situation. Goodness, anybody saying at this point like with this latest storm enough is enough amount of the low country. I can't deal with this. Or are they willing because of the because of the beauty to to take the risks? I always say there is a price to pay to live in paradise, right? Everybody. There's always something. So I think after Matthew two years ago and Irma last year if if you've moved here, recently, you're probably starting to get used to it. Hey, thanks for a few minutes as always Kelli. Kelli, golden morning show hosts set NewsRadio ninety four three WSC in Charleston, South Carolina..

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