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Right? Because that's what the few times I've tried to. I tried to make ribs and a slow cooker. I've never had a grill because I've lived in an apartment my whole life and I never had a smoker. So I tried to smoke, make ribs and a slow cooker and ended up. They were fucking amazing. But they were literally like I reach into grab one and just pulled the bone out, and I was like, oh, so I ended up having like rib lit stew or whatever, but it was fucking. Sure that sounds close. So close to Brunswick stew, which is perhaps my favorite all time show. That's like, I can't imagine because I'm from places where we had lots of space like I don't live in an apartment like a real, the Jit you go inside to go into a department until I moved here. So I can't imagine like not having access. I mean now I don't. I barely have access. It's like this is on an electric smoker on a back porch. Just like almost nearly. Oh, well, I remember in Brooklyn shadow to Justin Tyler. We had a fucking a buddy of mine. We had a grill on fire scheme. And the fire department just like we look out and he's like four or five minutes street Gant. Sorry. It's literally for a scaping fire and putting on it. Fair enough really wanted. I don't want that building burn down, but I want in that moment, people to have to leave out the dec-. Out of the frying pan into the. Yorker writer. Right? Zach our tune, I'll say this because it hasn't heard me say this for a long time os into YouTube channel called chef steps, and they make a jewel, which is a. Jingsu feed machine, which I own think is useful and has its place, but the longtime, like part of getting the smoker was wanting to make more and more. Ribs, and they do their own apartment ribs, which involve a sufi machine running water circulating at a temperature, and then they put in liquid amino 's. Nitrates to get the fake smoke ring and liquid smoke, and the more we've done this, the more that does upset me for a long time. That was a sticking point between us. I was like, this has its merit. And now I, I. Smoke a pork, but in our oven for the derby every year and we will use liquid smoke for that. But then my friends who the guy did all the smoking, his in-laws, like got him a smoker. And it was like game changer so different. Yeah, I'm fine with liquid smoke. That's fine. Yeah, it's gross how they make it. Yeah, that's it's weird when you like open it and you're like, wait, what is this. Yeah, ran my laundry campfire just they have a water circulator above smoker literally just like it's like a pan of water. Put a pan of water in a smoker, run smoke on it for a long time for that water and then reduce it, and that's, that's good smokey. It's there's a different ways, but that's like if you wanna make it at home, like making our that's less artificial than pictured. I mean, that's how we like. I've used it for stuff before, but like that's the basic idea, right? I always go smoke salt, which most people don't use and fuck. Hella good, smoke salt on a cookie. I love smokes. I do. I do smoke salt on my wings after at once. They're right before they go into the broiler. I love smoke salt. Yeah, I put that on. I use that instead of salt on pretty much everything. Now I just did it on broccoli yesterday. This is the, I feel like in a big way smoking is replacing deep fry like so for thanksgiving, people always like, oh deep fry. Your Turkey guy had a deep fried Turkey was fired. There's been a weird twist where now the sudden people like, you know smoked Turkey is really good, and it's, it's this weird like people are just slowly. Everything's becoming smoke that used to be fried and it's because it's like it is healthier or less unhealthiest the best way to phrase that, well, I don't know. It was a smoked Turkey or a Turkey healthier roasted Turkey, I think smoked would be no different. Really. We'll probably lose more fat. Right? But then the flip side of this and this is a true thing is smoked..

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