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But if you throw some fuel on that fire. They will you lies it and they've they master how to utilize, but it won't change after the first couple of snaps. Trust me. I'm not thinking about remember, you said this. I got the focus on what I need to get done. Now if I make a couple of plays on my throw back in your face. But when the ball snapped when that whistle was blown the clock's ticking down, I'm not thinking on get him. I'm kidding. No. I'm just gonna do what I do. And hopefully, we win. So then I can come back. If he like got you boss, but you're talking about one. The game snaps. I'm talking about leading up to the game and the whole week of preparation and the focus in the energy. It takes to get to the game and Marceau's I'll say this. I I really didn't truly by this type of bulletin board deal until Michael Jordan's hall of fame speeds, and how he talked about he looked for fuel anywhere and used anything made up a story that he got cut from high school and had bitterness towards that coach. And again, there's something different about the Brady's the Michael Jordans and the people that pursue being the greatest of the greats. They're a little all you said he made up something. Right. And you know, what's funny about athletes? It's amazing. When you're like, you said in preparation, I'm going to be fully motivated in a moment of truth. Like, you say, I gotta lock in. We all know that the jets fly over national anthem. Whether you stand in the nil, and whatever happens all. Sudden you hear that foot hit the leather boots and board material going everything and Michael Jordan said, yeah. Made up a story. Even give me motivated. It's amazing that the content of what prepares us has to have a story. So then after the fact like you said you make a few plays you start to make the story happen. Oh, member you said this. But guess what? Even if you didn't say that knowing I was going to be looking at like, okay deal with me all up saying is ongoing to get to the same place. Whether you give me a story with it or not and Tom Brady doesn't need store. Why are they on the sidelines talking about why after the game is Tom Brady, mocking the people the doubted him this guy uses this kind of few y'all keep saying go once the game snaps. They don't forget when I watched the day talking about he's in favorite, so many games so many sue both. So what was the story in it wasn't underdog. It wasn't y'all tall. Every year. What? The first time. Remember, they came out as a whole group team. Oh my God. This is the greatest downtown astroturf. Again. What am I uses the same? And when you talk about mundane this dudes nine Super Bowl. Yes. And he has because it is mundane to him. This is nights he has to using little things. But if you always find something, then doesn't that mean to you that he doesn't need anything? He will find something within himself and then attach it to us. Now, they're what you mean. He already has in what he did give it to him. And it shows you when Roby the second time became round and cameras came in his face. What did he do he backtracked? 'cause I think someone told him when he finally realized I just took a shot at to go. I took a shot at the patriots. And I put my whole team when this happens when you make these comments as a player is not just about you anymore. Now what's going to happen? When the camera get put one of your teammates as they're going to ask the a question about what Robie said. Hey, man, he said he will come out Tom Brady. Oh, you can't do this this. Now, you putting your teammates and everybody else in Germany, and then they go back you up, and right, which you, but at the same time you jumped out there you made a comment and now you got to backtrack on because now you you put in your team. But he did GECAS lane Johnson alshon Jeffery last year. All what all players slap. God they could've played bad still would have been winning..

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