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And highest I would in the nation in be customer satisfaction very for smooth. primary That's mortgage Putin origination. boots. And for the fifth year in a row, they've also ranked us Speak highest Spanish, in the nation for very mortgage. well. I I'd get some Antonio Bandera sound Spanish going on. I'd be the I'd be the man I wouldn't show up in America, and the can't speak the language of your country. Even though I wanna live here now. No that's unacceptable. Right. Americans Americans don't show up in other countries. And so I will go learn English. No. And this is where I just think it's funny because oh man Brokaw being hammered on the assimilation point, you hammer on the assimilation point. Why? Why is it a bad thing to say, hey, people from all over the world of every skin color of every religion of of whatever your background is legal immigrants. We want you to be as American as possible. We want you to be our American brothers and sisters, which means that we're going to share a language a cultural tradition and heritage a history a respect for the rule of law. This is what we're talking about. Ultimately, a government is just an idea. Yes. It's an idea backed by force and law and all the rest, but it is just an idea and America is a country not rooted on a race or creed or tied to religion. It's about an idea, but people have to buy into it fully and part of buying in is we all speak, the same language and the language of this country is and should be English. If you're in a relationship.

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