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Power Rangers. So thoughts prayers out to him. Yeah. No, listen. He was he was in that Argo film. With Ben Affleck that I thought was pretty decent one of the better Ben Affleck films. I'd seen recently but other than that and the dentist on Seinfeld. You know, you're you're never going to find another role on television like the dad from outcome in the middle. How does that his name? Never forget how. Yeah. So integral to that show that I could barely remember his name. And and that good job mica how that's a once in a lifetime role. You can't you can't catch light. Look, Tom Bosley was never going to be anything. But Howard Cunningham. I know that's the reference that goes over your heads. It would be like it would be like, Danny Tanner. You know, Bob, saggy going on to be, you know, anything else other than just that. He never did anything either before the f word for gay people is unacceptable. Did you ever call Bob tag at that? No, no, no. I've had nothing but respect for Bob me. He was like a father figure he's like people that. Just like to ask people randomly. So the point is I'm not trolling. When I say this. I know that Star Wars is very revered when it comes to my generation. And some of my best friends are Star Wars fans. I loved the original trilogy. My dad, and I waited in line to go see Empire Strikes Back for like three hours return of the jet. I same thing. And then all the ones that came after that. So the dude who played you Baca died yesterday. I guess Peter Mayhew. Anybody could have been Peter Mayhew? Peter Mayhew could have been anybody. I'm seeing people revering him. He played shoebox. He was the guy who was in the costume for Chewbacca. Oh, yeah. That's better. I don't even know that that was his voice. I don't even know that that was Peterman whose voice going. That's good. Thanks. My point is. Yeah. He contributed to the movie in that. He was the seven foot three guy inside the rookie costume. But that could have been any seven foot three guy. Right. That could have been George Mira San that could have been blob that could have been Rick Smits who's the who's the Asian Yaobang. Yup. Could have been Yao Ming who is actually seven four. But he could've crouch down a little bit coaching tiger hidden dragon. Brought more to the to the character. If it would have been just a little bit bigger. Yup. Could have been Patrick Ewing. Who I believe top seven feet could have been anybody. There's nothing special. About Peter May use skill set other than the fact that he was told now may he rest in peace, certainly, but he was special because he was in the damn movie. Yes. And I I'm not a Star Wars got. But I feel like anybody associated with that. It's very special people, tears were shed. I mean, he can be a good guy. It's just like what he was to that movie tall is nothing more than like like, let's say Joe blow. That's inside the captain fear costume right for the bucks passes away. You're not gonna see us having a parade for the guy or anything. He's the guy in a costume. Do. You know, did the voice re T neither do I she's probably dead though as a female. Yes. She's an old lady was like an old smoking lady. She would have to like smoke cartons of chesterfields. And then she'd go on and they go k three to one the God damn it. Gimme the cigarette. Where all in and action. Cap epic to take my insomnia medication shut up lady cut. You know? This is a smoking. Oh god. Got a Cup of coffee around here. So do you know to the voice of Gizmo from gremlins, though, Howie Mandel? Yeah. That's very good. Thank you, seventy seven five seven nine hundred eighty five. My point is made Peter Mayhew recipes, you're very proud of that you should be may may Peterman he resident piece book. But was there? Anything couldn't have been any seven foot three guy. Yeah. But he wasn't. He was chewy defending Star Wars and all that other movies. Yeah. You seem like a like a very unlikely Star Wars dies. I got it. You know, you can't just hey, this guy wasn't anything. This guy was a lot. I saw Charlie Belcher pictures flan around this guy. Everybody had a moment with him not dressed as chewy. But as Peter Mayhew, Peter Mayhew, the man not the monkey is a Wookey, and that's very racist. I'm sorry. It looks like it looks like sasquatch. That's also. All those ape look alike to me all those giant Harry Apel space. It gives it a different kind of connotation base. Eight look different. I gotta stop. Seventy seven five seven nine hundred five space apes. Why hasn't there been a band called the space saves Bill? What's up? Hey, guys, how you doing happy Friday. Hey, happy Friday to you and happy new year. Thank you, sir. Happy new year. Bryan, cranston. He was the father from in the middle. Correct. I think that was right. John's name. Yeah. Yeah. He's the guy from breaking bad got. Character the guy from what? Breaking bad, the main character. Named character part? But I haven't heard that of that show that after school special or something. You guys. Well, happy Friday happy new year guys. We'll happy new year to you. But like what what is what are you talking about? Like we Br Bryan Cranston was the dad from Malcolm in the middle. How right. That's you're talking about. Yes, sir. Yeah. That's how he's known like, I I don't know this show breaking bad that you speak of. But it certainly not. It's certainly nowhere near what Malcolm in the middle accomplished when it came to comedies of the late nineteen hundred and eighty's, duh. Yeah. You know, what a hundred percent rights are my he worked at the town lake Frankie Muniz. I mean, it's all downhill from there. Exactly. You just don't you? Don't catch lightning in a bottle again, by the way, as far as the voice where you just joking about all the things that you pretend to know about the voice or was that were those facts, I think I saw once that it was an old lady. Yeah. No. It wasn't old lady. And she was chain smoker who's ratchet guests. Yeah. In somebody overheard somebody from the movie overheard. This woman in a camera store and said, I need this to be the voice of ET that part. I did not know Pat Welsh hold on one second sound effects creator. Ben Burtt overheard. While speaking in a camera store liked what he heard and invited to audition. Are you that loss was a chain smoker? So hold on. So she's up there going to know the Nikon versus the cannon. Then again, you got this Olympics OEM ten over here. I'm gonna go outside and have a cigarette real quick. And then I'm going to complete this transaction. And then the talent agent follows her outside excuse me. Miss them smoking over here. What do you want? It gets even worse. She was credited. The voice of ET was paid a one time payment of three hundred and eighty dollars. That's her. Well, then again, I don't associate real L either. She worked one day nine and a half hours three hundred and eighty dollars. That's a good. That's good for a day's work, especially what eighties would be so pissed ET's voices seminal, though, like you you deserve a three hundred eight thousand dollar paycheck at least. Okay. Well, I mean, I guess you know, people didn't know how to negotiate back in the eighties. I mean, what are you say, she wasn't even an actress governor? And so, hey, you come in give me a eight hours worth of work. I'm going to pay you three hundred eighty bucks that was like ten million dollars back. Then wasn't it? They gave her a couple of cartons of smokes. I know she's not even credited she was credited in the movie. So if we can all learn a lesson here. No, more doing music videos for free being sad. Negotiate your daily per diem. Yeah. And then we'll see what kind of residuals you make off your royalties. Okay. Well, that was that was more that was for the arts Mike that wasn't that wasn't a kind of a corporate project. Look at her now. Oh. Oh, I meant to to re tweet this sets. I saw mad bear production sent out a tweet who's the real star in this story. Love talking with Katherine. Hi, Glen, Harry Connick junior about the film experience shooting and beautiful Tampa Bay. I got re tweet and say Kush is the real stuff. I mean, they gotta let me make the cut. I mean that's seen on the beach where I had the grandparents in Harry Connick was walk and he was doing his thing. And then I looked at him in his eyes. I don't know I felt the dark energy. Sure, how how much you get paid for that that we're waiting for the checks in the mail. So official extras because they gave us the pep talk. Did not talk to the real celebrities that were there. So I figured that. Check is on the way. Oh, J C. What's up? I suck life. Everyone rebecca. Thanks. The point. So I was talking about you. And how anyone could have done it while I seven foot three. I mean, I don't wanna make it sound like I could've played them or anything. And and you know, people love jewelry. There's no doubt about that. And this is a testament to the fact that if you're remotely connected to the Star Wars universe. You're like a God to these nerds degree. I would agree with that point. I just wanted to make the point. So if they're going who is like thunder vase for a long time to pass away with not give him some sort of goal or something like that acknowledging what he's done let one could have been Sundarban. But I mean, we've talked a lot about how great thunder bug is. And thunder bug communicates without using words and things like that. So if I did find out every time I've ever met thunder bug. It was the same person in that costume, and that person died, I would be sad. I I'll take it a step further. If I find out that seventy five percent of my thunder bug interactions were with one thunder bug. And then I found out that that thunder bug. Past certainly I would feel a tremendous loss because Thun buggy is able to somehow communicate and convey emotion without even the guttural howl of the Wookey that Peter Mayhew had. And by the way, I don't even know if that was Peterman whose voice was that. Do we know chewy was played physically by Peterman you as well as voice, I have no clue. I if if that is the case if it was his voice than it would have to say this indeed was a very skilled member of the Star Wars universe. Darth vader. Dr. He was played by David Prowse from a physical perspective. And his voice was of course, James Earl Jones, this is CNN. So I I have to find out that information. So may you did not provide the voice of being two hundred year old Wookey that was created by sound designer Ben Burtt, but many credit the body language and expressive -ness of.

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