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Hey guys welcome to yet another episode of horrible decisions. We made it this girl Mandy. Aka Peg. Aka Mandy Baskin's Aka that Bitch Aka Goddamn. We're here again. Finding my name is whizzy for some of you unpatriotic that now no, my real name because I shared it wheezy. Gee, I kind of liked that some close friends call me G, but. If I'm ever going to be good with AKA because I changed too much. Took me off took me out to pay peg. Stallion is what is GonNa? Be Okay all, though although and I'm not really going to bring them up on a pop. Whoever I'm talking to right now is not into pegging and I am very okay with it. anyways, guys, you guys here other ways. It's got the prayer hands from. For those of you who here we do, we are joined with them to Saas thrown on this episode. We have DJ damage who is a host and one third of Hollywood unlocked alongside Jason and Melissa Ford Building, and he's done just a whole bunch revolt. If you guys are interested in being a media personality, he also holds webinars and classes and courses on how you guys can kind of be like us, so go ahead and they had damage. I really appreciate being on a podcast to Let's get into it DJ legendary Media Group. What can I ask? Do you begin DJ? I've been DJ twelve. What's like your Go-to Song? That you have to like put on right now. Yeah, when people need to get hyper spot. I mean there's so many in the west coast. You can always do Still Dray a overall. You already know what it is. Anthem is back that asset and it's never. Did you give up? Too Easy question that I give. Like when we all started fucking with any. Did you give him up as a DJ? I kinda gave up. Of you one of my closest homegirl. And this bitch play the other day on her. I thought we had a consensual I liked. I liked the Gospel Music, too, but now I got to give up I was about to say. How do you really play him? Now like his stuff doesn't really hit. Club! His music is. We just don't fuck with that. NIGGA that's why I'm curious, but I thought that we fuck with him again. Because he donated to like the George Floyd find, you gotta donate a little bit more. Familiar. Yes. Put a few more Zeros on it..

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